Update on Milo…

So it turned out like I thought for the last few months… Milo’s starter was Kaput plus an immobilizing ring in the steering column (which sends the signal to the engine that the key is in the ignition—it was just sending a signal like 20% of the time)…hence why it only started once and awhile.  After a few days in the shop…they had to order parts, I got the call that Milo was ready to pick up.

milo-saga_0001I thought it was all good…I paid my bill and drove home but then got half way there.. and realized my speedometer and odometer weren’t working… so back to shop I went.  Seems like the mechanic didn’t hook them back up after replacing the starter!  Luckily I caught them before they left for the night… so up went Milo on the hoist again!

Thankfully it was an easy problem to solve… hopefully nothing else happens for awhile.

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