Wordless Wednesday LXXIV: Unwanted Visitor!

Raccoon Visitor

Have to tell the story around this photo:

The other night…I came home from work around 11pm and this little guy was sitting at my back door. (I have a basement apartment and this raccoon was sitting at the bottom of the stairs–the only entrance to my apartment.) I must admit I screamed… when I saw it! Partly because the motion light didn’t come on ’til I was 1/2 way down the stairs…and it was dark (there are no lights along the side of my house!) I ran back to my car…at the front of the house… and waited.  The light went off… and then about 10mins later the light came on… and then ended up crawling slowly up the stairs then climbed the fence and sat on the top. I started clapping my hands and it went over the fence…I ran to my back door so fast and got safely inside.  (I HATE raccoons!)

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