Exploring Niagara Falls…

Friday night I was at the airport…waiting for an International Arrival.  Keenan was coming to Toronto to run the Toronto Marathon (#3 in Canada and #89 overall!) His flights were delayed but then returned to scheduled time… it was a late pick up… around midnight, but I was happy to see him walk out the doors!

After we found my car… I surprised him and said we weren’t heading to my place in Georgetown…but instead Niagara Falls! We arrived just after 2am… and headed to sleep.  The next morning Keenan got up for his daily run beside the falls… then came back and got ready to take on the day’s adventures. 

I had never been on the Hornblower (the Maid of the Mist only now runs on the American side of the falls).  So our first thing we did was grab tickets and head out towards the falls.  SO MUCH FUN! It was a cloudy kind of day… and there was some additional mist from the falls made it a wet trip!
We got to all put on our ‘pinkish-red’ ponchos and enjoy the ride… 

My camera may have gotten a bit wet… and after this shot put it away for a bit.   The falls are so spectacular. Such a fun place to visit. I must admit it’s probably my only 3rd or 4th visit.  

We did catch two people zip-lining down to the water… what a view!
The flowers were out…and so pretty… 

We stopped along the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) for an impromptu pull off… Keenan wanted to see Lake Ontario… and then we passed this boat. Thanks Keenan for doing the research about this boat because I had no clue what it was…or why it was there!

The Grounded Ship was a replica of the Grand Hermie used by Jacques Cartier in 1535-1536 and 1541-1542 to explore Canada. This ship was built in 1967 for Expo 67 [in Montreal] as part of the nautical theme as Expo 67 which was on islands in the St. Lawrence Seaway.  The ship was taken to Quebec City and abandoned in 2001. 

After a stop and a nap at my apartment in Georgetown…we got dressed up for dinner at the CN Tower in Toronto! 

What a fun way to see the city…and enjoy some pretty awesome food.  We lucked out and the view was pretty clear—the clouds didn’t stop us for seeing things.  

After dinner we headed downstairs for a quick walk on the glass floor… then it was time to head home to get to bed! We had to be up early for the marathon on Sunday. Whirl-wind weekend visits have to come to an end…but there was still one more day!  If you want to see Keenan’s blog and story from the day you can check it out here. 

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