Toronto Marathon: May (5km #5)

Friday night I drove into Toronto to pick up my 5km race bib/shirt as well as Keenan’s for the marathon. The reason being…we had a bunch of fun and adventure piled into Saturday and I didn’t want to add picking up race kits to that adventure!

I decided to run the 5km race at the Toronto Marathon–instead of the MEC Race Series 5km race the following weekend for two reasons.  The first one being that next weekend I was in Haliburton for my sister-in-law’s fundraising dinner on the Friday night and going to a cousin’s Jack and Jill on the Sunday night—then it was Mother’s Day and wanted to celebrate with my mum… and not have to rush back to Toronto to do a 5km race.  The other BIG reason was my friend from Colorado was coming to run the Toronto Marathon…and I decided it would be really cool to also run a race in that event! (since I was going to be there to drop him off…and stick around ’til he crossed the finish line!) But that meant I had to ditch Josefina for May’s race.. (sorry Fina… I’ll be there for every other race though… I promise!)
It was an early start on Sunday morning… I had to drop off Keenan for his bus to pick him up and take him to the start line by 6:15am…and it was a 45 min drive into Toronto…thank goodness it was a Sunday morning and there wasn’t any traffic.  (My race didn’t start until 8 something)…However, the night before I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep… I think I fell asleep at some point around 3:30am and woke up just before 5am.  (I knew in my heart of hearts this wouldn’t be the day to beat a PR…I just had to put one step in front of the other..and finish this thing!) 

I finished.. with an ‘ok’ time… must admit did more walking intervals than running.  But it was cold and I was going on little sleep… so was pretty excited that I finished this thing! Was able to catch Keenan about 1/2 way through the marathon… the last leg was along the lake…he had a horrible head wind that he was running into!

Keenan finished marathon #89…you can read about his run here.  After he crossed the finish line we posed for a photo with the Toronto Skyline behind us… I must admit I had a bit of medal envy.  I guess I hadn’t really looked at the different medals for races in the same event before…but seriously can you see the SIZE of that marathon medal? Makes me want to get one of those… some day I’ll do a marathon…but probably not tomorrow.

It was awesome to run a race in the same event as you Keenan as your running and marathon streak of over 3 years… has been pretty inspiring and has made me want to join that club! 

Next Month: MEC Race Series Race #4… at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto


2017 quest…13 Races in 2017… (1per month and 2 in September) a baker’s dozen:

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