My Little Photo-Bug

Today Katie and I went out to one of our favourite spots… Scotsdale Farm. I was taking a few photos for my friend to capture the end of her pregnancy before her baby boy arrives. I will probably share some of those photos soon.

Katie-bug was my assistant. She brought along her camera… and took lots of photos of the trees, and snow! I can’t wait until I get her a real camera. I am often surprised on my iPhone with a bunch of new photos she has taken when she grabs my phone. I got my first camera when I was 8, so I suppose she has a few more years before I can get her a proper camera!

Her camera has a kaleidoscope which makes the images look funny. So she prefers to shoot backwards–because then her subjects aren’t so funny looking!

Every day is a fun adventure with you Katie-bug… I hope you never stop smiling or making silly faces!

Life has been so crazy. With Covid, working from home, raising a 3 year old it’s sometimes a bit of a zoo..but I really miss creating and sharing stories here…so I’m going to try better for 2021. I’m honestly not sure if anyone reads blogs anymore…but I know that I miss taking photos and writing them. So even if no one reads I’m going to keep this creative outlet going!

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