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Happy Birthday Gramma!

Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you!!!!


Because today is a special day, sending birthday wishes simply wouldn’t do, so I’m sending you a day when all of your dreams come true, and a year that means the most to you!

Dear Gramma,

Hope you are having  great day… and enjoying your summer at the lake!

Sending you lots of love, Sarah


Happy 40th Birthday Jamie!

iced over_0008 Happy Birthday to you…
HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dear JAMIE…
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

iced over_0009

Life is a book and your forties are the chapters when it all starts making sense. Be happy that you are still 3,650 days away from turning fifty. And maybe can be a way that you can console yourself about turning forty.

The Birthday Boy...

Hope your day is extra special it was really nice celebrating with you early this past weekend! Sending you heaps of love…. Your ‘little’ sister, Sarah 🙂

Happily Ever After…

Even though Saturday morning started out bright blue skies and sunny… at 2pm it was a wee bit cloudy! However, a little cloudy skies and threat of rain did not put a damper on the celebrations.   Meghan and Todd choose an amazing venue to get married- Canmore is gorgeous. Alberta_0054It was a truly awesome day… Meghan you were a stunning bride!



“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ~Dr. Seuss

Alberta_0049 Alberta_0050 Alberta_0055Alberta_0056Alberta_0057Alberta_0051 I ended up catching the bouquet…it’s actually the 2nd one I’ve caught at a family wedding! The first one was at my mum’s 1st cousin’s wedding (Marnie and Hugh) the summer I was 17. This time I’ve caught one at my 1st cousin’s wedding… so I suppose my relationship to the bride and groom is getting closer—but I wouldn’t hold your breathe for me getting married any time soon! Alberta_0052 Thanks for inviting me and letting me share in the celebration of your special day.


Meghan and Todd I send my wishes for a life time of happiness and love and once more I’d like to offer my Congrats!  See you at the Lake next time you are in Ontario!

Happy 60th Birthday Mum!!!

Happy Birthday to you…
HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dear MUM…
Happy Birthday to you!!!! mum

If you were not my mom already,
then I would be absolutely jealous of whoever was your daughter.
You’re awesome, Mum.
So excited to celebrate this ‘milestone’ with you…
and excited for our next mother-daughter trip next weekend!

El Salvador0011

Birthdays are like chocolate. It’s best not to keep count of how many you have, and just enjoy them instead. Happy birthday to the sweetest mum I know.

Luv you, Sarah


Montreal Mayhem: Bagels & Jazz

This past weekend I had a blast visiting family in Montreal.  I went to visit Sarah and Craig and their boys in December of 2009…it was a stop in Montreal on my way back up to Sanikiluaq, Nunavut. However, that wasn’t the last I had visited them…I saw them a few summers ago at the cottage on Haliburton Lake.  I went up to spend a night with them while they were there.

Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0014 Needless to say, I was pretty excited to go and spend the weekend with them… and catch up!  I decided to take train from Toronto to Montreal.  Then when I was looking at the ticket prices…it wasn’t that much more to splurge and go ‘business class’.  So I must say, when you travel business you have this fantastic lounge to wait in at Union Station.

Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0001…it was a HOT Friday night. I’ve been slowly adjusting to the ‘summer’ temps after my years in the Arctic but honestly am struggling.  Leaving Toronto it was a bit rough for the first 2 hours or so…(until just after Kingston) our train didn’t have any AC. It was a HOT sticky mess…I was so thankful that they got it working as we left Kingston!  It is fun travelling in that first class car–because they feed you…and the food is actually really yummy.
Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0002

I arrived around 10:45pm…and Sarah came to pick me up.  We hurried off to a pub where Craig was playing a gig with one of the jazz bands he is in. (He plays in quite a few bands–one is a corporate band that has done gigs around the world). But tonight it was a gig at a fantastic Irish Pub.  I was so excited to finally see him play live!

Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0004Years ago when I was a kid, I remember listening to him practice at the cottage… sometimes my little brother and I would sit outside the window and look into his cottage to watch him play. It was a totally different and amazing experience sitting in an Irish pub listening to him play enjoying an ‘adult’ beverage! This was one of the best parts of my trip to Montreal to FINALLY get him to see him play. Craig you are so talented…thanks for sharing your gift of music with me! Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0003When you have a household of 5 boys…there’s always something interesting going on in… (I didn’t have any set plans for the weekend other than to hang out and catch up with everyone…sometimes the best visits and adventures happen without any plans!–and this trip I totally wasn’t disappointed).

On Saturday, I ended up going to see Alec play hockey…it was fun to see him play! It was totally easy to spot him with his yellow helmet! When I visited before he was too young to play but saw his older brothers play instead.
Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0005

Overall the theme of the weekend was studying… Noah, Caleb and Liam…all were studying for their finals.  Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0013

So while Sarah stayed home to help make sure studying time was ‘focused’…Craig, Ethan and Alec & I went into Old Montreal to explore and see what we could find.  Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0006

As we were walking by Craig pointed out this spot where he FIRST played Jazz when he started doing gigs…it has long since closed…but the windows in the lower unit still had the signs!

Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0007

Second cousins having fun…wandering the streets…waiting for me to randomly take photos! (Thanks Craig for snapping this awesome shot of us…) Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0008

I know I shouldn’t be so juvenile–but when I saw this delivery car for fast food chicken…it made me laugh! (I had to snap a photo…) Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0009

…having fun exploring and enjoying some ice cream.  (It was the BEST ice cream…I can’t remember the name but it had maple sugar bits and carmel in it…OMG—I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0010

Had to stop to take a selfie of all of us… honestly this one hour walk was a highlight of my trip. It was awesome to spend some time walking and talking with you Craig! Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0011

…they still have horse drawn carriage rides in Old Montreal.  My first visit to Old Montreal with my friends Erin and Amanda we decided to take a ride in one.  Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0012

Sarah and Craig…it was so awesome to visit your family.  Our conversations over the weekend have left me thinking about so many different things…and one thing I know I’m blessed to have such a large family that you are part of.  I also have come to realize that nobody will understand the craziness of your family better than your cousins!!

Montreal-Sarah & Craig_0015

I promise my next visit will be sooner than the last 6 1/2 year gap of this visit…especially now that I’m living back in Southern Canada! Enjoy your summer…and keep on smiling.

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