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Christmas Happenings…

Christmas Day was a fabulous day! It was so fun being with my family this year..after spending last year with my Northern Family in Nunavut.  Merry Christmas_2014008

My nephews did the big job of delivering the presents to everyone.  We decided to deliver all the gifts to everyone, then go from youngest to oldest opening one present at a time.  It was a great way to do the gift opening…but did take a bit more time than we thought! Merry Christmas_2014011 Merry Christmas_2014017

I can’t believe how BIG my nephews have gotten…at 8 1/2 and 6 1/2…they aren’t little babies/ little kids anymore–when did they grow up!? Merry Christmas_2014025 Merry Christmas_2014041

There were a few awesome surprises that were opened!  Some were ‘gag’ gifts…and others were just really cool and thoughtful gifts. (I *might* have gifted a HUGE metal star to John and Kat…because they just ‘love’ them, and think that every house in Lindsay needs one.  There were discussions that said Blue Metal Star would have to rotate around the family…having a minimum of a 3month stay at each family members house before it is ‘re-gifted’!) Ahhhh i love starting new fun family traditions!
Merry Christmas_2014026

Santa brought everyone PJs…matching ones for my sis-in-laws and I! Merry Christmas_2014043

Another really cool gift was a ’12 days of Christmas’ gift…with 24 different Christmas movies (one kid & one adult movie for each day)…to enjoy as a family over the next days of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas_2014053

After the presents were opened there was some serious lego building…and looking at the Photo Books I made for Mum and John & Kat of our trips we did together this year. Merry Christmas_2014054

I have a love-hate relationship with my mum’s kitchen…it’s just so small, limited work surfaces… I stuffed the turkey and got it in the my kitchen duty was early, and it was just me in there.  Then Jamie & Dana and John and sometimes my mum… joined in for doing the sides!  There was some serious fun going on in there—but also some seriously awesome cooking… but I haven’t heard my brothers laughing like that in years, kind of fun.  I returned to the kitchen on dish duty with Kat!
Merry Christmas_2014056

Yes, this is my crazy family…but love them to bits, even though sometimes we have differences of opinions…I wouldn’t trade anyone for another in this crazy bunch! Merry Christmas_2014059
I was introduced to a new grace at dinner…but really didn’t feel like putting up my ‘shark’ fin. Merry Christmas_2014062 Merry Christmas_2014064

I’ve always said I’m not a dog person at all. But I do love other peoples dogs (just don’t think I’ll ever get one of my own..) Gus is John and Kat’s baby… and was dressed up in a new Christmas sweater when he arrived! So cute.
Merry Christmas_2014071

Yesterday, my mum and I went to my Gramma and Bart’s house to bring them some Christmas gifts from our family.  (They spent Christmas day with my Aunt and Uncle!) It was great visiting with them…and catching up!  I didn’t take many photos…but have these of the gift John and Kat gave to them, it’s a pretty cool photo collage!
Merry Christmas_2014 (gramma) 006

So that wraps up my Christmas happenings with my family…other than sleeping in and watching Christmas movies…all in all it’s been a fabulous Christmas!  I hope you all have had a fabulous time surrounded by those you love…doing the things you love to do.

Merry Christmas!

May you have
the spirit of Christmas
which is Peace,
the gladness of Christmas
which is Hope,
and the Heart of Christmas
which is Love.

Merry Christmas001

Everything’s set at my mum’s house…just waiting for the rest of the family to join, then it will be present craziness for awhile!

Merry Christmas003

Love, joy and peace are the ingredients for a wonderful Christmas.
Hope you find them all this Christmas.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
Luv,  Sarah

Operation Surprise Gooble-Gooble!

As you know travelling in the Arctic is never 100%…weather happens, mechincal delays happen…sometimes you just don’t land when you want to land.  Friday was one of those moments. The weather in Kuujjuaq  turned from fall to winter overnight!  There was tons of snow and delays for lots of the Nunavik Community flights.  My flight to Iqaluit went as scheduled, however we couldn’t land in Iqaluit–it was too windy, so we headed back to Kuujjuaq.


After some phone calls and finding out the next available flight from Kuujjuaq to Iqaluit would happen on Wednesday (as the Monday flight was full)…I headed south to Montreal from Kuujjuaq.

Then I started my super surprise for my family.  Once I collected my bags I headed upstairs to Air Canada and spoke with a really nice and friendly lady. (seriously, I was surprised…but there are some GREAT people that work on the ticket booking counter!) I was able to get a one-way  flight into Toronto on the last plane.  I then texted my brother, John and asked if he and Kat could pick me up from the airport…which he did!  It was so awesome to see them.


(SIde note: this display greeted me at the Toronto of my biggest beefs with that airport is that you have to pay a loonie or toonie to get a cart and I never have change and always have too many bags… but apparently CIBC is paying for them right now. Bonus!)

Then on Saturday morning, I got up and phone mum from John and Kat’s… I *might* have stretched the truth…and said that I had just gotten home from Iqaluit and I was tired and needed a nap.  I asked her how to make pumpkin pies, we talked about our dinner plans over the weekend…and I hung up.  Then John, Kat and I (plus Gus) headed into the car for the hour drive over to mum’s.  On the way Kat called mum and asked if she had any lunch…she said no, so we picked up subs for all of us.  Then the surprise happened….John and Kat headed into mum’s… (I stayed in the hallway of the apartment).  As they were putting out the subs Kat said something like… “that’s weird there’s 4 subs?” John said something like… “Maybe there’s someone else joining us?”…and Kat walked to the door and said…”let’s just check the hallway..” and IN I WALKED.  My mum was thrilled and shocked…and didn’t have a heart attack.


We had a fabulous afternoon talking and driving around Lindsay… then had a little dinner together before John and Kat (and Gus) headed home.  (They were going to Kat’s family dinner the next day…)

On Sunday we got up and headed up to Haliburton.  We stopped in at a good friend of my mum’s…it was so nice to visit Lynn for a short, quick visit! Then we went to my great Aunt Anna’s for a visit.  Dinner at Jamie and Dana’s was scheduled for 5pm… we got to Aunt Anna’s at 4:15… she lives just next door to my brother’s house.  Mum left at 4:30pm to head to put on a casserole she made for the Thanksgiving dinner…and I stayed to visit with Aunt Anna a bit longer.  (I hadn’t visited with her since last Fall when she came to visit my mum after her surgery.) It was lovely to catch up.  I walked over (with a chair because Jamie had already borrowed one from Aunt Anna for dinner)…at 5pm to join dinner!  Let’s just say Dana and Jamie and the boys…were very surprised to see me.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any awesome photos from dinner.  Except for these two taken with my fuzzy dying iPhone 3!

nephew 1

Samuel and Benjamin are getting so big!  Benjamin read the funniest story book…and Samuel played a really funny bean game with us…. all about planting and trading different kids of bean crops… (sorry dont’ remember the name).  But it was a fun game to play after dinner!  It was so great to see everyone… thanks Jamie and Dana for hosting Thanksgiving dinner…the turkey and all the fixings were wonderful!

The last surprise was a visit to Haliburton Lake… and to my Gramma and Bart’s cottage. It was so much fun to see Gramma and Bart.  We got caught up and even brought out old family photo books….to see some shots from the mid to late 80s.  Lots of great fun remembered. Thanksgiving007

Before I left I had to do a ‘selfie’ a tradition I started in February. This one is another for the memory books. Thanksgiving008It was a whirl-wind weekend…and too fast I was sitting on a train heading back to Ottawa to catch a flight back north the next day.

I’m going to leave you with my all-time favourite photos taken the fall of 2010…by my friend Ryan Bealer!

sneaking up on Turkeys 101

Operation Surprise Gooble-Gooble was complete for once I was thankful for a weather delay…and not being able to arrive to a planned destination!  I learned once I got back to Nunavut…that there was bad weather in Pang all weekend…and people didn’t arrive home until Monday!!! So this plan worked perfectly.  All in all it was a great thanksgiving surprise…I have so much to be thankful for….hope you all had a great day!

Happy Nunavut Day

Today is Nunavut is celebrating 15 years! It’s pretty exciting to be in Pangnirtung to celebrate today. It’s crazy to think I was here celebrating 10 years...that seems like yesterday, but not 5 years ago!  The day’s activities started with a scavenger hunt for a mall Nunavut pin. Four pins were hidden all around town and people were given ‘hints’ about where to find them. The winners got a cash prize! I decided to celebrate with a bit of extra sleep so didn’t join in on this game.

I headed with my neighbours up to the baseball diamond where the afternoon games were being held. After our mayor and new SAO said some words in greeting… it was time for the Candy Toss!

Nunavut Day 2014001

I participated in the water balloon toss…and on the first catch I made, I managed to break the balloon and soak myself in water! Sorry there’s no photo of that happening. There were other games…with dice, and trying to knock over a pop can with a dog whip! (That’s what’s happening in the photo below…)

Nunavut Day 2014004Earlier this year Elisapee Ishulutak an Artist from Pangnirtung became a member of the Order of Canada. Today Elisapee was presented with two portraits of herself and a print. These items were sent to the Hamlet to give to her.

Nunavut Day 2014003

Nunavut Day 2014002

There was a contest for the best costume for Nunavut Day…such fun to see everyone dressed up!

Nunavut-Day-2014006.JPG Nunavut-Day-2014007.JPG

I won one of ‘door’ prize draws…and was rewarded with $20!

Nunavut Day 2014005

Even thought it’s been a cloudy and a bit cold of day here in Pang today… it’s been fun celebrating with the community. Later tonight there’s a feast at the Canon Rock for everyone to join in!

Finding True North has started a Nunavut hashtag…#nunagram and I’ve been playing along via Instagram.


One of my photos of the whales from last week was choosen in the ‘Top 15 Photos to celebrate Nunavut!’ Go check out the other 14… and give the other people some instagram love! 

Happy Nunavut Day…enjoy it!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,” A word that means the world to me. El Salvador0005


Happy Mother's Day


El Salvador0011

Dear Mum,

Thanks for being you and the best mum a gal could ever want! Hope you have a fantastic day today. This past year has been awesome…spending a bit more time with you.  Our trip to El Salvador was awesome..thanks for joining me!

Enjoy your dinner with everyone tonight…wish I could be there!

luv you,


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