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Iced Over

iced over_0001

Lately the weather has turned hot…and spring like! All the snow disappeared…and the trees were starting to green up… and buds even started to form.  I knew in my brain it was too soon for spring—that winter would still come back.  But part of my heart hoped it was here to stay.  iced over_0003

Fast forward to this morning.  I woke up to an icy wonderland.  iced over_0002

Looking at the tree buds covered and frozen with ice… made me think it was a perfect analogy to how I’m feeling. I’m alive and breathing…but stuck in time… frozen by the ice but oh so beautiful–even though the ice is killing those perfectly formed buds!

iced over_0004

It’s been a hard 2 months… but I have hope that like today this ice will melt and all will be back to the new normal. iced over_0005

Just after I took these photos the sun came out….and all the ice was melted away within an hour! It’s amazing how fast something so beautiful can enter your life…be with you for a short period and then be gone.

iced over_0007

That gives me hope that this ‘frozen’ feeling I have will be gone with time.  I just need to keep on breathing, moving forward….because eventually life will become un-frozen and it will be time to move on. But right now…I’m frozen and that’s ok too.


Icy Trees…

This past weekend while driving I was greeted by the most amazing sight.  The trees on either side of the road were sparkling in the sunshine.  The crazy weather from earlier this week left the area with snow and freezing rain…which left everything covered in icy goodness! icy trees_0001

I love how the ice clung to the fence which normally would have just been a boring line in the photo below! Even the fields were full of shine and sparkle as I drove past! icy trees_0005

The road signs and street signs also were covered in icicles that at one point had been dripping, but then stopped frozen in time… sometimes life is like that. We are moving along and then suddenly we are frozen in time…until the sun comes out and we are released and ready to flow again.  icy trees_0002 icy trees_0003

Had to stop to take at least one fun selfie in Milo’s window… icy trees_0004

…close to sunset one last snap that makes me smile and be glad I was there to witness it! icy trees_0006

It feels good to be taking photos again, although I feel a wee bit rusty. But I do know I’ve missed my photo walks with my camera.

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water

While I was visiting Johanna last weekend we did a bit of a science experiment as well as all the quilting we did!   I wanted to find out if I could freeze my hair standing up…but instead I froze it into a pony tail…

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0005

On Valentine’s Day we started out by doing a ‘frozen hair’ shoot….the temperatures were COLDER than in Iqaluit that day.  (it was -27C but colder with the windchill….it brought it down to the -40C range!)

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0006

Johanna got the bright idea to start the science experiment—what happens when you throw a pot of boiling water into the air? well it instantly freezes…
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0002Thanks Johanna for capturing the below images of me throwing water… (as well as the frozen hair ones at the beginning of this post!)
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0003

Johanna took another turn… so much fun! (even though we got ‘frozen’ fingers doing this…) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0004

One thing we did find out though…. was putting boiling water into a glass mug in the freezing cold… well that could be the end of your mug! (oops–sorry Johanna!) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0001

Thanks for one for the memory was a great weekend!

Party of 5…

My really good friends welcomed a daughter into their family this past fall and became a Party of FIVE!  In December I visited their home in Toronto and met the newest addition.  Over the past few years I’ve been able to take photos of their family documenting the changes that have happened.  The last photo shoot we did was in June just before they moved south from Iqaluit. Dec 17, 2014-047

This photo shoot was just a quick one done at their house, inside because of the winter weather outside! Dec 17, 2014-B&W- 5

Big brothers are clearly very happy to welcome their little sister into the family!

Dec 17, 2014-B&W- 16

Baby Sofia is just the cutest little baby ever. She was 8 weeks old and so cuddly.  Dec 17, 2014-B&W- 24

I can’t believe how much the boys have changed and grown in the 6months since I last saw them….why do kids grow so fast? Sometimes I wish I could just press the pause button…so life could slow down a bit.
Dec 17, 2014-019



It was so great to visit your family in Toronto.  I can’t wait to see you next time I’m in town…hopefully the weather will be warmer, so we can enjoy some of the great parks near your neighbourhood!

Black and White Photography

Earlier this week there was a fun ‘challenge’ going around Facebook to post 5 B&W photos on your wall, and then nominate a person to join in each day!  My friend Mark nominated me and I decided to join in.  I love B&W Photography…and jumped at the chance to share a few of mine from my archives!

I shared these via Facebook, but decided to share them here as well…without my ‘tags’ for friends to join the challenge! Hope you enjoy.


Day 1 of 5- Today’s photo is from my 2013 summer trip to the Yukon & Alaska….this one is from Haines, Alaska. 

B&W- Haines Alaska

Day 2 of 5- Today’s photo is from an ice fishing trip on the May 2-4 weekend in 2013! Stopping on the way home to take photos of “Toberlone Mountain”.

B&W-  Pang--outside

Day 3 of 5 – Today’s photo is from February 2014…I was visiting my Gramma (Barbara Hodgson-Medd) and snapped this shot…one of my favourite shots of the best gramma a person could ever ask for–love you, and can’t wait to see you in a month!

B&W- grammaDay 4 of 5 – Today’s photo is from the spring of 2013…I was went for a walk with my friend Kaitlin…it was a COLD day, but the dogs needed to get outside, so that meant we did too!

B&W-  Pang--the hills

Day 5 of 5 –  Today’s photo is from August 2010…my good friend Jacob asked me to join him on a trip to Arjona, Columbia to take photos for Opportunity International. This shot was from my last afternoon…where we were ‘mobbed’ by a group of kids, but this little girl caught my eye and my heart.

Little Girl

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down ‘memory’ lane with a few older B&W photos from my archives!


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