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Iced Over

iced over_0001

Lately the weather has turned hot…and spring like! All the snow disappeared…and the trees were starting to green up… and buds even started to form.  I knew in my brain it was too soon for spring—that winter would still come back.  But part of my heart hoped it was here to stay.  iced over_0003

Fast forward to this morning.  I woke up to an icy wonderland.  iced over_0002

Looking at the tree buds covered and frozen with ice… made me think it was a perfect analogy to how I’m feeling. I’m alive and breathing…but stuck in time… frozen by the ice but oh so beautiful–even though the ice is killing those perfectly formed buds!

iced over_0004

It’s been a hard 2 months… but I have hope that like today this ice will melt and all will be back to the new normal. iced over_0005

Just after I took these photos the sun came out….and all the ice was melted away within an hour! It’s amazing how fast something so beautiful can enter your life…be with you for a short period and then be gone.

iced over_0007

That gives me hope that this ‘frozen’ feeling I have will be gone with time.  I just need to keep on breathing, moving forward….because eventually life will become un-frozen and it will be time to move on. But right now…I’m frozen and that’s ok too.


Happy Leap Day!

It’s that time that every 4 years we get an extra day! Hope you made the best of it… and enjoyed your extra ‘leap year day’!  Here’s your little random fact of the day: Did you know that traditionally that on Leap Year Days… that was the only time a woman could propose to a man? leap year_0002One of my favourite self portraits of me ‘leaping’ in the sunset on the beach in El Salvador…

Update on Milo

It’s been a crazy week of many disappointments.  Today I realized that my last car payment the week before didn’t come out of my account.  At first I was like, “just another thing to deal with…why do banks have to mess up?”.  So I called and my bank looked into my problem of no payment being taken out of my account!  Imagine my surprise when I was told my car had been paid off in full with the last payment…3 weeks prior! Milo

I must admit it was a wee bit painful for 4 years while I was in Nunavut having to pay for a car I couldn’t drive…but in the long run… it all worked out fine!

YES… it’s been a LONG 5 years…but MILO was finally PAID for in full.  That my friends was the BEST news I received this week. I can’t wait to see what new adventures Milo and I will have on the road.

#FMSPhotoaDay: Week# 7

My first week back at home went so crazy fast! It was great to be back at work and at home again. Settling back into my house…and catching up with friends has been awesome!

So here was the list for last week’s photos:


Day 9: energy… I needed a turtle break to re-energize me mid-afternoon to get through my day at work!


Day 10: this inspires me…I’ve been trying to spend more time on my treadmill and so far since coming home I’ve kept up with 60mins a day Monday-Friday! This board is beside my treadmill filled with lots of fun quotes and inspiring messages…I like the lady who says, “get on with it!”


Day 11: on the wall… Everyone needs to have a spot to store their superhero suit! Mine is on my office wall.


Day 12: pointy… My Indigo’s Raven feather-a friend gave it to me on my 2013 trip to the Yukon!


Day 13: temptation… All my Christmas candy and chocolates!!! Need to stash them and pull them out for a rainy (or snowy cold) day!


Day 14: love… When I was living in Australia 11 years ago my mum sent this heart & globe to me in one of her many care packages…with a note explaining that she was sending her heart around the world to me…when I got back to Canada I was upset that I had lost the heart in Australia I complained about being broken hearted so much my mum went out & replaced my heart so I could be “whole” again… And since then I keep them close to me when I travel!


Day 15: spot… My favourite $2.99 bag I got in Kmart in Australia…it’s a wee but spotty!!!


Another week down…here’s the list for Week 8! Why don’t you join me in posting a photo a day this week?!


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