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Meanwhile in Ontario…

It’s been a crazy-filled three months! I can’t believe it’s October 18th already.  So what’s been happening?


My move went so smoothly… my boxes from Nunavut arrived on Tuesday morning (and I dropped them off the Thursday before in Pang!). In all the things that I moved, I only broke one coffee mug–from the Department of Education. Sad but true. IMG_6074

I had a lot of switching province stuff to get under control…drivers license, health card and new plates for Milo.  During this process it was so crazy, but I finally got it all done.


The first 4 weeks were busy catching up with family and friends…trying to find an apartment, then settling in and going on a crazy shopping spree to repurchase things I sold when I left Nunavut. It was so awesome to be able to spend time with good friends…that have become family.


I got to spend 4 awesome days at my family’s cottages…catching up with cousins that were there from the states and BC as well as from various spots in Ontario! IMG_6089 IMG_6133

Then it was back to reality of getting settled before I started my new job…a trip to IKEA was a necessary evil! I had fun putting together my new couch, chair and book shelf! IMG_6237

I also went a crazy shopping spree for new clothes with my mum and sis-in-law…so much fun to invest in a fun new wardrobe! I surprised myself and added a bunch of dresses to my wardrobe. IMG_6250

My job has been amazing.  Every day I am happy, and it is confirmed that I made the right choice to move south when I did..and I am loving what I’m doing. Yes, it’s been crazy hectic at times, but I LOVE it! IMG_6312

I’m slowly adjusting back to life in the south…with cars, cell phones and wifi that’s-oh-so-fast.   LIfe lately has kept me really busy…but I’ve missed dropping by this place and sharing photos and random stories, until the next time.


Welcome to Pangnirtung…


I have arrived safe and sound… took me a few days to get my internet all hooked up, but am back online with my limited somewhat temperamental at times, connection!  Its been a busy few days, but everything is going well… it’s been awesome seeing old friends, and meeting new ones!  At times this week I’ve felt like I’m experiencing a ‘ground-hog’ day experience, yet things are different than the last time I was here and different is good!

On Monday… I left the land of trees and excessive heat.. and started my trip north from Ottawa!  It was great fun trying to manoeuvre two luggage carts with my 7 pieces of luggage and 2 carry ons at the crazy early hour—but I managed it!  My flights were pretty uneventful… I even managed to get a cat nap!  The photo on the right is one last glimpse of Ottawa..

First glimpses of Iqaluit from the air… (top left)..I had my ‘breakfast’ on the plane.. it was really quite tasty, it’s nice to fly where they give you food for free!  I was excited to see the familiar rock formations as the plane entered the Pangnirtung Fiord!  A look at the plane… as I walked to the terminal!

High tide on left and low tide on right… My view from the Lodge…

My home for the week so far… I’m still sorting out my housing…but things are looking up, things just take time, especially in the north! (Besides this means I don’t have to cook for myself for awhile… and Louis food is pretty darn GOOD!… and I get to meet different people doing all kinds of different work in the community…)The GN Building (GN= Government of Nunavut)… There is lots of work going on around the waterfront—digging and working on the deep sea port… Walking to work on Tuesday… the clouds just hovered around, and almost over Mt. Duval… It’s a gorgeous time of year to be in the Arctic!  The temperatures have been hovering between 8-12C… (colder at night).. and to be honest, I prefer these kinds of temps than the crazy heat wave in the south!  (Unless of course I was at Haliburton Lake at the cottage… and spending the day in the LAKE!)…


It’s a Wrap…

In the last two days, I’ve been pretty busy—wrapping up life here in Winnipeg.  It’s been a bit of a crazy time, but also one of thinking back… and reflecting… I guess it is true that you don’t realize what you have, until you have to leave.  I’m really going to miss Winnipeg, and the friends I have left behind…(yes, I do have friends here!)… it’s funny how all of a sudden a strange city becomes your own…unfamiliar streets become familiar… you end up going to a social not thinking you’d know anyone there..but then run into people you know before anyone in your group does!  The last 18months I put down roots in Winnipeg… I’m not saying it was easy… but I did it!

I’m going to keep this pretty simple…and let some photos do the rest of the talking! Here’s some ‘highlights’ of my time here in the ‘peg…I do realize that this selection of photos is pretty random… yep, that’s where my brain is at!!!

*DISCLAIMER: (This is what  I could pull together–it’s been a crazy few–sleepless nights, sorry if I left anyone wasn’t intentional.)

Time Expired_0001 Time Expired_0002 Time Expired_0003 Time Expired_0004Super-Hero Team... Time Expired_0005 Time Expired_0006 Time Expired_0007Ryan with his new camera Time Expired_0008 Time Expired_0009 Time Expired_0010 Time Expired_0011 Time Expired_0012 Time Expired_0013 Time Expired_0014 Time Expired_0015

Goodbye Winnipeg… thanks for the memories!

A ‘New’ home…

This is something I’ve been working on for a bit… a ‘new-home’ for Sarah on the Road…

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the help and encouragement in creating this new ‘blog’ (I was like a fish out of water, still am but at least I’ve made it back to the water!)  Two people I’d like to specifically mention are Jen and Lisa!  It was Jen that helped me get off my butt and actually get a domain. (I had been wanting to do this for awhile…like probably over a year)… It came up one day when we were talking  on Facebook and it came up and then she helped ‘walk’ me through the process of getting a domain and hosting….  Lisa has always been my ‘go-to’ person for blog help!  In the past 2 years she’s been the one that has helped me create headers, set up my blogspot layout for me… and always around for me to bounce ideas off of… She listened to what I wanted.. and then went searching for a layout that would work.. and then set up the formatting of that layout for me… (wordpress is still kind of a foreign language to me!) lol   Without these gals… this would have NEVER been might never have happened so quickly! 🙂 thanks again! 

I’m not saying it’s perfect… I’ve done a bunch of ‘tweaking’ but am happy with the result!  Not to say that there might be other changes in the future when I have internet again at home! But for now… I’m happy with it!  

Sorry for making everyone ‘update’ their feeds on their blogs.. (it’s a pain I know!)

Thanks again! 

Sarah 🙂 

>New Directions….



[ad-ven-cher]  noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.



an exciting or very unusual experience.

participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: thespirit of adventure.

a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action ofuncertain outcome.

If you know me you know I love a good adventure… and I’m about to embark on a new one…  

In mid-July I will be moving… heading back to a community that has not been far from my heart since leaving at the end of 2009… Don’t get me wrong I will miss Winnipeg as it has begun to FINALLY feel like home! I have made some amazing friends and had some amazing experiences here… and memories to keep forever! And believe you me in the next few weeks I’ll be adding on MORE experiences and memories to my Winnipeg memory bank! 🙂 
As a rule I don’t talk about my employment or what ‘job’ I do… if you know me, and want to know contact me privately and I’d be happy to share this information with you privately!  
Have you guessed where I’m going? 
Does this look familiar?
I’m heading back to Pangnirtung, Nunavut!  I’m excited and can’t wait… for the next chapter of my Nunavumiut Story to begin!  
Canadian North plane leaving for Qik…
In the meantime I have a lot of planning, packing and sorting to do!!!  As well as finishing up my current job!! 🙂 
I can’t wait to bring you all along on this adventure with me… I will continue to blog, and have been working on a new site and will post it here when it’s ready to view! 
On a sad note… I need to sell Milo!  Anyone need a car? SERIOUSLY contact me ASAP!!! 
Hope everyone is enjoying the FANTASTIC spring weather Winnipeg has been having the past few days!! Go have a picnic or take a walk or bike ride!!  
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