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Milo is sick…

…for awhile Milo has been having some issues.  Nothing that major, just sometimes he won’t start.  It started mid-summer…I took him to a garage in Lindsay.  They checked out everything and told me he was fine. And most days he was ok… he’d start ok… but then others he’d make noise but not not the final switch to start.  milo is sick 1_0013 Last Monday I had him checked out a garage here in Brampton… they gave him an oil change and again…everything checked out a-OK. Even though all last week he continued not to start…and started to stop making attempt noises—just the lights would come on.  But usually after a few tries he’d turn over.
Milo is sick_0012Fast forward today… I was visiting a friend and it didn’t start.  Luckily I have CAA…so called them and got towed back to Brampton.  Tomorrow I’ll talk to the garage again, and hopefully I’ll have some answers.  (But I’m almost 99% sure it’s a starter problem…. that’s just intermittent and hard to diagnose.)

Until then… glad this is the week my mum is visiting so I can use her car!

6th Annual Campaign Kickoff Bus Pull for United Way Oakville

This past Tuesday I joined some awesome colleagues to pull a bus! Now why did I do that you might ask? Well it was the 6th Annual Campaign Bus Pull Kick Off Event for United Way Oakville.

bus-pull_0005This year the United Way Oakville had two challenges for us…

The first one’s easy; you’ve got to team up with seven other people to pull an Oakville Transit bus 20 feet across the finish line. No big deal, right?

The second challenge: help put an end to poverty, senior isolation and improve mental health support systems in our community. Create possibility for our neighbourhoods by raising pledges on behalf of your team.


Getting the roped connected to the buses… and a quick selfie with a colleague that started at Sheridan with me last year…but we actually met years ago at the summer camp we worked at in our early 20s… it’s been so nice to be able to reconnect with you over the past year. (She was also the one that recruited me to join the team!)  From the photo below you can get a feeling of how far we had to pull that bus…. 20 feet from red line to red line!

Going through the demonstration of how to hold the rope… then the first two teams started.  After seeing them struggle…I was kind of glad we could watch a few other teams go—so we could get our strategy down! But also realized quite quickly how this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park…

Getting ready to go…our team was called the “Shernados”.  (We were thankful for two members from the other Sheridan IT team that joined our team to help us pull the bus—we had two people not show up!) SOmething that was a wee bit surprising to me was that at the beginning the bus didn’t really didn’t move at all–which you’d think it has wheels with 8 people pulling it it should move?! But it didn’t.

Our strategy was for us to start in a ‘tug-of-war’ position…and then once it started to roll to turn around–and flip the rope onto our shoulder…and it worked!


Photo by: Nancy Heath


Photo by: Nancy Heath


Photo by: Nancy Heath

Our team ended up winning our heat…with a time of 29:47 seconds…that might have been the longest 29 seconds of my life!

Side Note: I decided that our team should have ‘superhero’ capes to help us with our pulling! So managed to sew up 8 for everyone to wear…


The Oakville PFFA(Professional Fire Fighters Association) and the 2 District Halton Police had the fastest pulls all day! The Oakville PFFA won the first heat…and the 2 District Halton Police won the final heat with a time of 21.8 seconds!


United Way Oakville unveiled their target for this fall’s campaign… $4.5 million! The Bus Pull raised over $30,000 towards the larger goal!

“With the amazing turnout this year, I believe we can make an impressive impact in the fight against inequality,” commented Terry Smith, 2016 Campaign Chair; “the lives of our neighbours, friends and co-workers, all connected and supported through our community.” (Source)


What a fabulous morning…so glad I decided to join the team…can’t wait for next year!

Schools Out for the SUMMER!

The past two weeks I’ve been in Winnipeg working on my final two courses in my Adult Education Certificate.  (This is something I started when I was working at Red River–but didn’t have time to complete the last two courses.  I hate having something ‘unfinished’ so it was time to return to Winnipeg to finish the courses as well as visit friends I hadn’t seen since I left Winnipeg 5 years ago!) School's Out for Summer_0012

When I was making these plans earlier this spring I didn’t realize what I was doing…. finishing up work, then 2 days later flying out to WInnipeg to be a student for 2 weeks! Eek…timing sometimes is crazy, but I did it… and now can JUMP for joy.. because school’s out for the summer and I’m on holidays officially! School's Out for Summer_0007

The last two courses were really fun… I met a lot of really neat people…with various experience teaching and a wide range of areas that they teach! School's Out for Summer_0001

WE got time to ‘play’…. I put together this fun 3D puzzle…with the help of a colleague. (Did I tell you how much I LOVE puzzles?) School's Out for Summer_0002

…during our mini-teaching sessions we got to do so many fun things! Like these really awesome mini-cheesecake bites.  School's Out for Summer_0003

I learned how to tie a windsor knot… which you never know when that might come in handy!
School's Out for Summer_0004

One of the brainstorming ideas we talked about the napkin academy… and was given ‘permission’ to doodle in class!!! Also brainstormed words and ideas of what good educators should have… and then wrote them on our hands! School's Out for Summer_0005

…it’s always fun to have culinary arts instructors in your class on a mini-teach day!!! These  little puppy cupcakes were definitely NOT pinterest fails.. and the icing was oh so freak’n great! School's Out for Summer_0006

I presented on the new skill I learned, and shared some of the bread I had baked.  (See more of this story in my blog about making Artisan Bread). School's Out for Summer_0009

One of the fun demos we had was having an airbag deployed in the parking lot! It was pretty loud…and I must admit I jumped. School's Out for Summer_0011

Here’s my morning class of classmates from the past two weeks… Wish you all the best as you continue on your adventures in teaching and learning!

School's Out for Summer_0010

The Sopranos

This weekend I decided finally take some time to watch the Sopranos.  I never watched the show when it aired from 1999-2007. My friend Morena lent me her DVD copies of all the season…I’ve had it for almost 2 years.  (I might be a bit of a procrastinator…and managed to watch a few other series (Walking Dead, Downton Abbey & Game of Thrones…to name a couple) before I started on the Sopranos.  I think I knew when I started it I’d be hooked…and want to watch the WHOLE thing without stopping.  Well over the weekend I managed to watch all 12 episodes from the first season.


I must admit…I’m a fan.  Now I need to find another blocks of time with nothing else to do  in order to watch more.  I don’t know about you…but it’s hard to stop at just one episode if I know I have the next one.

Have you watched the Sopranos? If you have…please no spoilers!

>In the Car-Wash…

>Today I got a Birthday/Christmas present from my friend Ryan… he taught me how to use a car-wash… now before you all start think I’m a crazy girl or something… I’m not!  Remember back HERE when I told you about my fear of car washes? Then I had found THIS place… but I really wanted to conquer the fear, and learn to do it myself… and this is that story!  

After lunch, with our left overs… Ryan is all smiles for this adventure!

 Here I am…excited, but crazy nervous…with that irrational but REAL to me fear that MILO will loose his windshield in a car wash!

All that driving to Portage la Prairie, has made Milo really, REALLY dirty!!!

Exhibit A:

 Exhibit B:

At this point I was shaking.. and not really sure I could do it… but with Ryan laughing at me.. I managed to line up Milo’s wheels, and then figure out how to reach over and punch in my code–that was hard bc Milo is so ‘low’ to the ground… and it was so HIGH!

 As the car was sprayed with water… I took some photos… and snapped this.. I think it distracted me enough… so I actually started to sort of ‘enjoy’ the car-wash!

 mmmm the smell and fun colours of the soap, wax and what-not!

 …all washed away…

 TADA!!! look at Milo.. he’s soooooo SHINY!!!

Thanks, Ryan… I think I can possibly do this on my own now!! 

..and wouldn’t you know it.. just after this…it started to snow, and the roads got all icky, slushy… so Milo isn’t so shinny, but at least I have the confidence to take him through on my own!!

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