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Friday Night Drive…

Sometimes you just need to get into a car and drive.  Well when you live in a small remote fly in community just below the Arctic Circle…options are quite limited.  However, we do have a road that goes alongside the fiord…past the sewage treatment plant, the dump for household garbage, the metal and wood dumps or as some people call it ‘Canadian Tire’–since you’d be surprised what you can find when you need a part to fix something!

End of the Road002

The road ends past the gravel pit…and is about a 5 KM stretch of road. Often I walk, but lately there’s been Polar Bears hanging around…and I’ve been too sick to venture outside of my house!

End of the Road001

Tonight a friend called and we went for a Friday night drive to the end of the road.  Just a slow trip to the end of the road to see what we could see.  We left at the ‘magic’ moment that is happening at the moment for light…the sun had dipped down behind the mountains on the other side of the fiord….the tide was coming back in and there was so much beauty all around.  Puts life into perspective when you see how gorgeous your surroundings are all around you….you just need to open up your eyes and wow!

End of the Road003

The tundra has started to change into brilliant fall colours…reds, gorgeous yellows and some browns!  Didn’t get shots of that this trip…but perhaps a walk this weekend will fix that.

I love how the tide was coming in and you can still see the ‘high’ tide rock markers in this photo below…

End of the Road006

Thanks for all your well wishes via Facebook, Instagram and email…I’m finally on the mend and can say I feel back to 100%!  It’s good to be home, looking forward to a weekend here before I take off on my next trip on Monday.

More from Kinngait…

As you know from yesterday’s post I’m currently in Cape Dorset.  Tonight my friend Cassandra picked me up for dinner.  Before dinner we did a drive around tour of some of the cool spots in Cape Dorset!  CapeDorset-Day2010

We decided to do the tour before we ate…because the fog has been coming and going all day.  Luckily we did because by the end of dinner the fog had rolled in and seemed to engulf town.  CapeDorset-Day2001

The land here is so different from Pangnirtung.  It’s very rocky…and the rock formations are awesome to look at! CapeDorset-Day2002

This is the “bridge” that connects Dorset Island to Malik Island at low tide.  Pretty awesome… CapeDorset-Day2003

It was nice to have access to a vehicle and get another new perspective of the community from different views.  CapeDorset-Day2004

There’s something pretty neat about seeing boats sitting on the ground at low tide…before Pangnirtung got it’s harbour this use to be the way it was too! CapeDorset-Day2005

We were able to see a few icebergs floating in the distance.  I had seen them from the air when we landed on Tuesday..but it was nice to see them again! CapeDorset-Day2006

So rocky under my feet…seems like every 10 steps or so the rocks changed that were under my feet…to bigger, or smaller than this photo!


Out for a Wednesday walk…CapeDorset-Day2007Thanks again Cassandra for the awesome dinner and tour…it was great catching up!  I hope our paths cross again in the Arctic soon.


Visit to Apex’s Hudson Bay Cabins

When I was in Iqaluit in June I went with my friends Josefina and Eduardo to Apex to do a quick photo shoot.  It was almost a year to the date when I did my last photo shoot with them in Apex! 

June 2014-Apex Beach BW  8Love these photos…the one on the left with the struggle to get buckled in and the one on the right taken not even 2 minutes later!

June 2014-Apex Beach BW  5

We started off just walking along the beach…the sun was still shining strong!  Even though it was well past 6pm.
June 2014-Apex Beach009June 2014-Apex Beach BW  24

…posing at the Big Red Boat! June 2014-Apex Beach013

Our time was filled with laughter…June 2014-Apex Beach BW  45

Getting a two-year old trying to cooperate for a group photo was a bit of a challenge. But in the end the strategy of letting him do what he wanted to do, kind of worked out in the long run!  He was much more interested in picking up sand and letting it fall from his fingers than pose for a group family shot!  June 2014-Apex Beach029A quick photo-shoot for Baby#3…coming fall of 2014.

June 2014-Apex Beach BW  82

Nothing says a fun time like walking on the beach in your rubber boots!
June 2014-Apex Beach037

Climbing over the last bits of snow and ice on the beach! June 2014-Apex Beach BW  63Brothers having a bonding moment…
June 2014-Apex Beach043

Parents stealing a moment while boys are at play! June 2014-Apex Beach065

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ― C.S. Lewis

June 2014-Apex Beach BW  76

As always it was so much fun photographing your family.   I wish you all the best on your move south.  I can’t wait to visit you in December and meet your new addition. This summer with me working in Iqaluit and you not here won’t be the same!  Your friendship over the past years has meant so much and know that distance won’t stop it from growing.  Wishing you all the best as you start on the next chapter in your lives. June 2014-Apex Beach072

 “We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over”. – Ray Bradbury

June 2014-Apex Beach093

Agua Adventures (#TBT)

I realized that I never got around to blogging these fun photos from a walk to the playground from May 10, 2014.  Since it’s a Thursday it’s the perfect time to do a throw back Thursday post! Let’s get to the story….


The day after my dog-sled trip I decided to go on an adventure with my friend’s two boys…who are five and two!  We headed outside for a walk to the playground close to their house to see what kind of trouble we could get into.

Spring Walk to the Park_0001

Since it was May…the melt was on, snow was disappearing and leaving behind a bunch of puddles and mud! Which is the perfect combination for lots of fun.
Spring Walk to the Park_0003

Five minutes after getting to the park the youngest already fell into a HUGE puddle…but that didn’t stop him from having fun on the swings.
Spring Walk to the Park_0002

We headed back to the house to play in the BIG PUDDLE directly in front of the house. Mati was so excited and kept saying “…agua!”
Spring Walk to the Park_0007

I might be a parent’s worst nightmare…or the super fun Aunt who lets children play in huge puddles and get crazy wet! Spring Walk to the Park_0004

It wasn’t long before Mati slipped on the ice under the puddle and ended up on all fours trying to get upright again! I kind of had to take these photos before assisting him back on his feet! Spring Walk to the Park_0005Lucas started ‘fishing’ with this piece of rope he found…trying to capture the monsters in the puddle.
Spring Walk to the Park_0006It was a fun morning adventure…that ended with getting everyone clean and dry clothes once back inside!

Iceberg- Straight Ahead!

I’m have just finished up two weeks of travel for work.  Last week I was in Arctic Bay and Iqaluit and then this week I visited Clyde River and Pond Inlet.  Tonight was the first time in 2 weeks that I downloaded the photos off my camera…this is almost unheard for me!  While I was walking on the ice taking photos of the iceberg tonight it was the first time that I had felt the need that I wanted to blog and that I felt like I had a story to share.  So I have decided to share photos from my last two days in Pond Inlet then work backwards with stories and photos from my time in Clyde River and Pond Inlet. (because they are also important to share–but icebergs are pretty awesome!)

When I arrived in town on Wednesday night was cloudy with white skies…it’s stayed like that for the past couple of days, even snowing off and on at times…but tonight it finally cleared up.  I was able to get to the Nattinak Visitor Centre on Thursday night.  I slipped in about 5 minutes to 5:00pm.  They close at 5pm, but the awesome worker (sorry I forget his name) took the time to show me around. He shared so much awesome information with lots of passion and excitement.  It was really nice for him to let me see the displays even though he didn’t close up until 5:10pm! May 20, 2014(SMcMahon)004

There’s a real-life model of a narwhal that hangs from the ceiling…and out of the windows you can see the iceberg that I wanted to walk out to visit. (Those little specks of black are dog teams and closer to shore are snowmobiles and/or komotiqs.)

After showing me around all the awesome displays…giving me heaps of information, some new some not so new…the guy who was working at the visitor centre did a live demo of the seal kick game. This top photo shows him kicking from a standing position.
May 20, 2014(SMcMahon)001

Here you can see the sequence of him doing the Alaska style…starting out sitting, with one hand holding the non-kicking foot….and stretching up and kicking to hit the tiny seal!  Pretty awesome feat! May 20, 2014(SMcMahon)002

Some of the awesome displays in the Visitor Centre. May 20, 2014(SMcMahon)003

Friday night after dinner I asked a friend that has been living in Pangnirtung this year…(but here in Pond for work for 3 weeks) if she’d like to join me on a walk out to the iceberg that has been frozen into the ice.  She agreed so off we went exploring!

May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)001

The weather is so nice…the sun is shining here in Pond Inlet 24 hours a day.  Kids are out playing even as I type this post…I can hear them and it’s 1:30am!  It’s fun to see kids being kids…playing in the dirt, mud and puddles as the melt is starting. May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)002

We walked through the oldest part of Pond Inlet on our way out to the iceberg…lots of older boarded up buildings, but also new homes as well!
May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)005

These little guys were too cute!

May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)023

Shy at first but these girl did talk to us…and they were enjoying a game of hopscotch!
May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)004

I thought this abandoned building was pretty neat…the sign on the end was interesting, can’t honestly tell you more than that about it though!

May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)003

Here’s the sign… May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)006

Looking across the ice to Bylot Island…the clouds tonight kind of hovered at the peaks of the mountains. May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)007

Looking towards the iceberg…about a 15-20minute walk off shore. May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)008 May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)009

My friend getting closer…sticking to the snowmobile trails…as it was easier to walk, and we didn’t sink into the soft snow! May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)010

We did walk around the iceberg…sorry for the photo over-load!  It seamed that every angle it looked different and often had different lighting.
May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)011

There was two more people out too look at the iceberg!  They were getting some chunks of ice to make tea…apparently iceberg water is some of the best.  (I didn’t get close enough to touch it…it’s melting, and chunks are falling off it…didn’t want to get bonked on the head and die. So no iceberg tea for me.) I had been warned by a few people not to get to close, because of the cracks and the ‘berg is melting. May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)012

Everyone needs to take a selfie with a iceberg! May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)013

The last time I saw icebergs was in April of 2009.  I got to visit some on a day trip out to Cumberland Sound…there were 4 that were fairly close together and ice-locked.  I blogged about that trip over on my ‘newbie in the north’ blog- iceberg#1, iceberg#2,  iceberg#3 and iceberg#4.  (it was 4 separate posts…and looking back on those blogs makes me smile a bit to see how my blogging has changed!) May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)014

A close-up of the top…
May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)016

Me in front of the massive ‘berg…with my friend’s shadow in the corner.  Thanks for snapping this shot for me! May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)017

…selfie at the ‘berg! May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)018

From the back side… or is it the front side? May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)019

…in the corner of this shot you can see the houses from town on the hill!
May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)020

…those are small people standing beside the iceberg. May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)021 May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)022

…one last shot, before walking back to the hotel.
May 23, 2014(SMcMahon)024

It was the perfect evening to go for the walk. It was awesome to have a friend here that wanted to do the walk with me, thanks Rae!

It’s almost 2am…I can still hear kids playing and the sun is shining through my window! I have a long day tomorrow…starting off at being at the airport for 7am.  So I best find my sleep mask and try to get some sleep.  I’m totally lucky that I can sleep easily on a plane!

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