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Diabetes Fun Run in Kimmirut

When you travel in the north you quickly learn that sometimes there are weather delays for flights.  This past week was one of those weeks…my trip to Kimmirut started out with a weather delay leaving and not being able to fly out of Pang….making my trip a bit longer…but then on Thursday because of wind my flight was cancelled to Iqaluit.  Then on Friday morning my flight was cancelled again because of wind.

Travel delays are something you just have to accept and roll with it.  Sometimes they can surprise you.  This time I met an awesome woman from the south…who had been in Igloolik and now Kimmirut doing a new dental program.  On Friday once we realized that the flight was cancelled we had to both sort out letting our travel coordinators what was happening.  (To make sure they could send payment for our extra nights stay at the hotel and rebook any other flights we needed to have rebooked!)  Once all of that craziness was finished, we found out that there was a Diabetes Fun Run going on in the community later that day.   We both decided to go check out it.

The Northern  was sponsoring the run… everyone that participated got a t-shirt, certificate and medal…plus a hamburger and juice box! The Northern this year partnered with the school.  There were heaps of kids participating…even the preschool kids took  part!


Excited and ready to begin our 5km walk/run!

When we got to the school to sign up…and get our t-shirts…all the kids were so excited, and ready to start.  Some of the kids actually ran the 5kms… my friend and I opted to just walk it with the rest of the kids! Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)004 Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)005 Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)007

Here’s the Anglican Church in Kimmirut…est. in 1909.  Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)017Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)018

Along the way this carver was busy working on a carving…but stopped to look up and wave to the kids going by. Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)009

There were 2 water stations along the way… after climbing the huge hill it was a welcome sight! Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)011 Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)012


Here we are at the end of the race with our medals... and certificate.

Here we are at the end of the race with our medals… and certificate.

Participating in this event was special and a cause close to my heart because a few of my close loved ones have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes recently…. so keeping active and making healthy food choices is so important. It was an awesome event… and it was so nice to be able to participate with the rest of the community. It was a sunny but windy day…but beautiful for a 5km walk!  Thanks to everyone that organized this awesome event for the community of Kimmirut… and for the Northern for sponsoring this event that brought the community together to have a bit of fun and exercise at the same time!

After the Storm…

It was a ‘fun’ afternoon, after I finished my post yesterday. I battled the wind to go to my neighbours house.  I spent an awesome afternoon watching ‘Planes’ with them and having an awesome dinner. Spinach salad + curry + pea soup…my neighbours are amazing cooks!  I thought I had died and gone into blizzard heaven!

Blizzard food

Overall it was a long night…the winds didn’t get as high as predicted…but did get up to 100-114kms!  For the life of me I couldn’t sleep…finally fell asleep about 4am, only to wake up at 7:45am to get ready to go back to work!  I was lucky as my neighbourhood kept power for the whole storm, but some other parts of Pang were without power for about 14hours.
Day after windy day! 1

During the storm my neighbour went to check on his snowmobile crate…to make sure it was secure and wouldn’t move….
Day after windy day! 4

Here’s my front door on the left and my neighbours on the right… that little walk nearly blew me over!  My door opens OUT and in order to get out I had to push my way out…with my shoulder and all my body weight to get the door open!

The one thing about this storm? it blew what little snow we had…away!  It’s so weird to see the tundra this bare at this time of year.  Today during my lunch when the sun was up…I snapped these last three photos.

Day after windy day! 2Day after windy day! 3 Day after windy day! 5It’s so weird not having any snow…especially since most of my friends down south are swimming in too much snow right now!

Let’s talk about Weather

For the past few days my Facebook feed has been filled of people in southern Canada talking about the cold.  One of the best tweets I have seen about that “cold” was from someone in Iqaluit…

tweet for weather jpgNow there’s a crazy amount of snow that has hit large spots in Ontario while other places it’s warmed up to freezing snow/slush. It’s funny how people like to talk and share what their weather is exactly like via social media.  Heck there are apps that do this for us…attach the weather to a photo so you can post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.  I am just like EVERYONE else I love to share the weather that’s happening in my community.   So here it goes here’s what’s happening in Pangnirtung!

There’s a really bad front/storm that’s hitting eastern Nunavut right now.  Many communities are already effectively closed…with schools, businesses and governments shut down because of the winds and snow blowing outside…you know a blizzard!

It’s just starting here in Pang…the schools have closed as well as GN offices, so it’s officially a Blizzard Day!  The wind is howling and I can hear it clearly inside of my house as I type this post.

Windy Day...  1

The winds haven’t gotten too crazy yet… when I took these photos it was only gusting up to 44kms/hour…(but that’s taken from the airport sensor which is on the other side of town..I live on the windy it might be a wee bit more windy!)

wind.Above is a screen shot from this really cool website you can go to to see a visualization that what the winds currently look like over Baffin Island right now…go check it out!  (I have a feeling this will change as it becomes less windy!? but not sure…so did a screen shot from about 1:15pmEST)

Windy Day...  2

(when I went to take this photo my parka hood blew into my face!)

Pang has been forecasted to get winds as strong as 100kms to 120kms/ hour… Iqaluit has been included in that as well…saying it might be as bad as the 2007 blizzard!

blizzardblizzard warning..Weather like this makes me excited like a little’s fun to sit safely in your house as it shakes watching things go flying by your house!  This storm is suppose to last through the night until tomorrow morning sometime… we’ll see if it really starts or if Environment Canada’s forecast will be wrong. I’ve already gotten a few calls from friends offering places to go and safely wait out the storm–since I am on the windy side of town.  But for now I’m going to wait it out…and maybe bring out my sewing!

3rd Time’s a Charm

Yesterday evening I arrived home on the evening flight from Iqaluit…around 7:30pm. I was suppose to arrive Saturday afternoon but in fact arrived Monday night!  Travelling in the north sometimes can be really unpredictable.  The weather plays a major role if your flights will get you from Point A to Point B on the day you think you will travel*. Remember when I was trying to get home in May but ended up across the country in Yellowknife?  Do you know what the other funny random part to this story…my flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit–I had one of the same flight attendants that were on that trip to Yellowknife! So funny eh?!   (*There are also mechanical issues as well, but those are different sorts of delays!)

Let’s back-track a bit…I arrived in Ottawa on Friday and spent the afternoon picking up some last minute things to add to my luggage. Saturday morning I got up bright and early for my 7:15am shuttle to the airport.  All my luggage packed and ready to go!  (that’s 3 pieces of checked luggage at around 70lbs each…and 2 carry ons + my purse).  Every time I fly home I vow the next time I’ll have less luggage…but that is forgotten until I’m lugging the bags around. It was a gorgeous day in Ottawa…it was suppose to get up to 14C at some point on the weekend…but I knew the temps would be much colder when I got home!

Photos from before I got on my plane in Ottawa

The first hic-up in the plan was we had a delay leaving Ottawa.  One of the flight attendants was sick, so they had to get a replacement from the hotel to the airport!  That took just over an hour…but I was starting to wonder if I’d make my 2pm connection to Pang.  But didn’t stress too much…what will happen will happen.

TVs on the Plane

I was excited when I got on the wasn’t a normal plane used for the Ottawa to Iqaluit route… it had and inflight entertainment system!  So nice to watch a movie…ended up watching Epic… it was a really cute cartoon!

I spent some time using my new camera to grab some shots out the window…goodbye Ottawa.

looking out airplane window at Ottawa

Looking out at snowy tundra makes me so happy- because it’s just so gorgeous!  Looking out the window at tundra

Hello, Iqaluit…

Hello IqaluitAs we landed the sun was just starting to set…it was about 1:30pm! The sun was setting...


I arrived in time for my flight to Pang…but my bags didn’t make the flight…so they were going to spend the night in Iqaluit and follow me the next day!  The day was looking up… I was a wee bit bummed out because I was going to have lunch with good friends in Iqaluit but that was cancelled because of my delay!

So the weather was iffy in Pang…we were green carded at the gate…so that meant if we ended up back in Iqaluit the airline wouldn’t be responsible for meals & hotels.  We ended up circling at the mouth of the fjord for about 20minutes but the ceiling wasn’t high enough…so we turned around and flew back to Iqaluit.  That’s what I call a 2 hour fly-by!

When I arrived back in Iqaluit I called my friends and ended up going to their house for the evening.  It was great to catch up…and spend some time with them.

Bags in Iqaluit...

I was rebooked with a different airline that flew on Sunday (since my original carrier didn’t fly to Pang on Sunday!) Remember all those bags? and how heavy they were…they came too and from the airport….when I checked back in on Sunday, only to find out that the weather was still bad in Pang and the flight was cancelled.  I was rebooked on the Monday evening flight!

After a day spent in our Iqaluit office… I headed back to the airport for the third time. Hoping I would get out of Iqaluit before the blizzard that was suppose to happen in the next 24 hours.  I managed to fly out in the right window–able to leave Iqaluit but then also land in Pang!  I was lucky and ended up home…and even a lucky bonus the contents of my cooler were still cold (but not 100% frozen yet…).

When you travel anywhere you should always be prepared for delays…and have patience! And one friend in Iqaluit says I have the worst travelling ju-ju ever…and she says she doesn’t want to fly with me!


I woke up this morning with Lindsay’s first snow…fresh on the ground!


I love the snow…and the first snow is always extra special!!

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