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Icy Trees…

This past weekend while driving I was greeted by the most amazing sight.  The trees on either side of the road were sparkling in the sunshine.  The crazy weather from earlier this week left the area with snow and freezing rain…which left everything covered in icy goodness! icy trees_0001

I love how the ice clung to the fence which normally would have just been a boring line in the photo below! Even the fields were full of shine and sparkle as I drove past! icy trees_0005

The road signs and street signs also were covered in icicles that at one point had been dripping, but then stopped frozen in time… sometimes life is like that. We are moving along and then suddenly we are frozen in time…until the sun comes out and we are released and ready to flow again.  icy trees_0002 icy trees_0003

Had to stop to take at least one fun selfie in Milo’s window… icy trees_0004

…close to sunset one last snap that makes me smile and be glad I was there to witness it! icy trees_0006

It feels good to be taking photos again, although I feel a wee bit rusty. But I do know I’ve missed my photo walks with my camera.

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water

While I was visiting Johanna last weekend we did a bit of a science experiment as well as all the quilting we did!   I wanted to find out if I could freeze my hair standing up…but instead I froze it into a pony tail…

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0005

On Valentine’s Day we started out by doing a ‘frozen hair’ shoot….the temperatures were COLDER than in Iqaluit that day.  (it was -27C but colder with the windchill….it brought it down to the -40C range!)

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0006

Johanna got the bright idea to start the science experiment—what happens when you throw a pot of boiling water into the air? well it instantly freezes…
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0002Thanks Johanna for capturing the below images of me throwing water… (as well as the frozen hair ones at the beginning of this post!)
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0003

Johanna took another turn… so much fun! (even though we got ‘frozen’ fingers doing this…) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0004

One thing we did find out though…. was putting boiling water into a glass mug in the freezing cold… well that could be the end of your mug! (oops–sorry Johanna!) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0001

Thanks for one for the memory was a great weekend!

Weekend Happenings…

This past weekend was action packed fun with friends–all surrounded by great food and conversations!

Saturday morning I went over to my friend Mary’s house for brunch.  I didn’t take any photos! But everyone knows when you go to brunch at Mary’s house—you usually get amazing waffles, eggs and bacon! It was such a yummy way to start off the day.

Later that evening…my neighbours and a few other friends joined for a BBQ behind our house!

BBQ (8 of 16)

The guys took care of doing the BBQ-ing…and lighting of the fire for marshmallows… YUMMY! Thanks for doing the cooking! BBQ (6 of 16)

While some neighbourhood kids stopped in to play…and then be close for when the food was ready! (It smelt so good…) BBQ (5 of 16)

All four of the kids–searched for what they called “butterflies” and they would catch them…but they were some kind of moth..(I think, I didn’t look that closely).
BBQ (3 of 16)

I must admit–after they were “caught” I’m not sure many of the ‘butterflies’ lived to tell their tale. But it kept the kids busy. BBQ (1 of 16)

It was a gorgeous evening for a BBQ! After having a crazy windy week—and bad weather it was nice to have the sun shining and no need for a jacket! I was super comfy in my hoodie. BBQ (10 of 16)

There’s something about marshmallow roasting that brings people together. BBQ (12 of 16) BBQ (15 of 16) BBQ (14 of 16)

On Sunday a group of friends got together for a ‘sushi’ making party! My friend had caught a huge Char (this spring) and gave it to my neighbours and they decided to throw a party.  Who can say no to fresh arctic char sushi? Not me… It was so good…we made our own rolls, but Maki did all the crazy cutting and preparing for us.  Thanks for hosting the party Maki it was a great lunch!
Sushi Party (3 of 5)It always amazes me that so much fun can happen when friends get together to share a meal together…another memory for the memory bank! Thanks for a great weekend.


Saturday Night Lights…

Last night the lights came out to play over Pangnirtung.  After having dinner with a friend…we hoped into a vehicle and took off to the end of the road, to get out of town’s lights!  (This is so you can see the northern lights better.)

The lights did NOT disappoint…I’m pretty excited to share with you these photos of the northern lights. Enjoy!


Everywhere we looked the lights were dancing up and down…SaturdayNightLights002

…shooting up from behind the mountains!
SaturdayNightLights003 SaturdayNightLights004This is a funny attempt at a self portrait…by shinning a flashlight on one side of my body. Kinda like how it turned out.


This one I had my friend shine the flashlight on me…but left the light on a wee bit too long, but still pretty awesome! SaturdayNightLights006

The lights just wouldn’t stop… it was a fabulous show…and so glad I got to get out and take some photos! SaturdayNightLights007 SaturdayNightLights008I’m thankful for good friends with a vehicle that can take you to the end of road so you can take photos of the lights!


…a walk to the store!

The weather here in Pang this week has been sunny and clear, but winter is definitely here.  Today I got all my gear on and walked down to the store to get some groceries.  Felt so good to be home.  There was a lot of excitement happening at the beach…narwhals were in Cumberland Sound and by the end of the evening there was lots of fresh mattaq for everyone!


Even though it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter… life in the Arctic is still pretty sweet!

home 3

Happy Saturday everyone!

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