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Wordless Wednesday LIX: Snow sailing in Igloolik

This week I’m travelling for work and spent the first 1/2 of the week in Igloolik.  Later today I head to Hall Beach before heading home to Pangnirtung on Friday.

This is my 4th trip to Igloolik.  It’s always fun to visit a community you have been to, because everything is familiar and you know the lay of the land!

After one of my visits in the community yesterday I saw some of the high school students out learning to Snow sail.

Snowsailing Igloolik (1 of 5)

I had to stop for a few minutes to watch.  Looked like a fun way to keep warm in the cold temps of spring! Snowsailing Igloolik (2 of 5)


Wordless Wednesday LVI: 12 Apostles at Sunset

This shot was a film shot I took in December of 2003, 11 years ago.  I’m hoping on my trip this month I might get to go back to visit this awesome coastline.  The great ocean road is gorgeous, so many amazing beaches and sites! 12 apostles- Great Ocean Road

I took the opportunity 11 years ago to go up in a helicopter it didn’t disappoint, and I had so many amazing shots from the air…this is one of my favourite ones!

great ocean road

Most of my photos from my year in Australia in 2003-2004…are not scanned.  I was a film SLR shooter then, I think maybe a project in 2015 might be to scan my negatives…and share some more shots from my epic year long trip living overseas.

Wordless Wednesday LV: Clyde River

It’s 2015…and I’m bringing back Wordless Wednesday’s for the year!

Clyde River-early AM

This was a shot I took back early in the morning on November 29, 2014…the flight had just landed in Clyde River from Pond Inlet (on route to Iqaluit).   I loved how the morning light was hitting the mountains behind Clyde.  I snapped this photo on the way from the plane to the terminal.

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