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Feel free to contact me via email…

If you have any questions about living in the Arctic, or are planning a move to Nunavut, or just want to say Hello!

[email protected]

5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Tim Walpole-Walsh

    Great to get your card and news
    We are slack (as you well know!)
    Can you send your details
    Mail address, Email address, numbers etc etc so that we can
    a) update details
    b) send you some news and pics
    Hope alls well and its not too cold
    We have finished the house now and have pool etc so all today was out there as its been over 30degC
    Jealous ????
    Tim Emma, Josie, Milo, Hebe (and soon to be as yet unnamed dog – a golden retriever)

  2. A good friend

    Hi Sara I hope you are feeling better now, I haven’t read all of your blogs. You seam to be doing well up north, how does one contact you ? email only or ? Cheer for now
    Remember when we went to watch a blues grass band live at one of your friends house ?

  3. Bjarne Frost

    Hej. Sarah . Du kommer godt nok rundt omkring , dejligt at se alle dine fotos , og indlæg. Det er helt vild spændende at følge dig . Jeg er også betaget af grønland og dens natur og især grønlænderne og deres kultur / levevis 🙂


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