Move Your Paws at the Toronto Zoo: February (5km #2)

February’s race happened earlier today.  This race was at the Toronto Zoo… the Move your Paws Race or Polar Bear Race! We lucked out for weather— no snow, but it did rain before the race!
On February 18th I missed 2 steps and had a box in my hands so couldn’t stop my fall.  I ended up landing on my right foot in a crumpled up.  (my toes were under my foot and I landed on the bend of them….) After an ER visit, x-rays and then a follow up with my family doc a week later and another x-ray… it was determined nothing was broken but it was just ‘soft’ tissue damage and I could be on my foot as long as I could tolerate it.  Fast-forward today… I was able to get my foot into a running shoe and Josefina agreed to walk this 5km with me. (sorry for the icky photos)…
One surprise was that I ran into my boss and her family doing the run! Cathy has been one of my running mentors…seeing her posts of her daily runs, over the past few years has made me want to join in that running club! One thing you can do when you are walking a 5km you can stop to take some selfies… and try to get one of you with a lion!  I also ran into my friend Michelle…its fun to see friends at these events! 

I was so excited to finish and get this medal… my foot was a bit sore, nothing a little ice and elevation for the afternoon and it will be as good as new!

I still remember visiting the Zoo in 1985 with my Gramma & Grandpa my mum and brothers when the first Panda Bears were brought to the zoo.  It was a big road trip from Haliburton down to Toronto…but a fun day of exploring and seeing animals… I think I even had my first camel ride that day too!

So I couldn’t leave the zoo without seeing the baby Panda Bears. Luckily their exhibit isn’t far from the main gate–so not much more walking for my poor foot…. it was fun to see them playing and eating!

Next Month: Hamilton Around the Bay… (only doing the 5km this year.. not quite up for the 30km!)


2017 quest…13 Races in 2017… (1per month and 2 in September) a baker’s dozen:

The Rick Mercer Report

I’ve always been a fan of the Rick Mercer Report so when my friends Josefina and Ed mentioned that they had an extra ticket to go to the live taping of the show…I said sure I’ll go! So yesterday I headed into the city to head downtown to go to the taping! 

We were pretty excited to head upstairs to our seats in the studio.  The show is mostly clips that are taken the week prior… and then Rick introduces the clips in the studio…and also does a ‘headlines’ segment that makes fun of the different political news of the week.  
One of my most favourite parts of the Rick Mercer Report is that he always has a rant on something that is a political hot topic around that week… and they are filmed in this cool graffiti alley downtown Toronto. Below is the link to Rick’s rant for this taping!

After the show… I randomly snapped this photo and this guy photo-bombed me! LOL 

Yahoo! We had fun at the show… now to battle the cold outdoors to go have some dessert at Movenpick at Front & Yonge–can we say hello banana and nutella crepes? 

Thanks for the invite and fun Josefina and Ed… it was a blast!


MEC Race Series: January (5km #1)

Earlier today Josefina and I got up early and headed down to the Lakeshore Blvd to do our first 5km of the season.  I’m never a fan of an early morning start…especially on a Sunday when I would rather be sleeping in…but never mind that we got up and showed up ready to run! 

One thing I love about the running community is how everyone supports and encourages other runners!  This race was a 5km or a 10km (they did the loop 2times) I was finishing with most of the 10km runners (and a few 5km runners too)… as I was getting close to the finish line I was totally done.  Then this lady came up along side me (she was doing the 10km) and started to pace beside my slow jog… and then something crazy happened… I started to increase my pace and we ran across the finish line together! It was awesome to have a little encouragement in those last moments…when I felt like I had nothing left in the tank. 

We were pretty excited to have race#1 done for 2017. Personally I was really happy to be able to start & finish this run…as it was just 2 weeks after a miscarriage and I honestly hadn’t been training much at all. One of the things for this 2017 Running Resolution was not to focus on times…etc.. but to just be present and enjoy the races!

Next Month: We have the Move Your Paws at the Toronto Zoo to run!

Resolution Run 2016

New Years Eve I travelled up to Barrie to my friend Michelle’s house.  We had decided to do the Running Room’s New Year’s Resolution Run together.  I hadn’t run in awhile…and it ended up to be snowing quite heavily at the time of the start…but it still was great fun! This is my selfie look of–“what did I get myself into?”It was so much fun to join Michelle and her dad on this run.  I also got some pretty sweet race swag for this run… the awesome PINK running jacket!One of my 2017 resolutions is to do a 5km race every month and my friend Josefina has agreed to join me on this quest.  After signing up for all of the races I realized I had 2 booked in October.. (one with the MEC Race Series package & the Army Race in Ottawa which I had already signed up for too!) So my 2017 quest has become 13 Races in 2017… one per month and 2 in September… a baker’s dozen!

Goodbye 2016…Hello 2017!


It’s hard to believe that it’s December 31st… this year has flown by!  I must admit 2016 has been a year of ups and downs…so many great things happened.  So many great travels…Family weddings combined with a trip to Lake Louise, Banff and Canmore with my mum. Two weeks in Winnipeg visiting old friends.   2016 also had a lot of really great long weekend road trip visits: visiting cousins in Montreal for a weekend!  Going to Colorado and finally seeing first hand the beauty of that place. Visiting my friend in Trenton a few times!!!  Weekend trips to London to visit friends… so many memories and lots of fun and adventures.

Here are my top 9 liked posts from Instagram… made at

I’m not going to lie and tell you the whole year was perfect…because it wasn’t. Part of me can’t wait to kick 2016 out the door and welcome 2017.  I think the thing I learned this year is that you sometimes can’t control circumstances or things that happen…but the one thing you can control is your reaction to them.  You can let that one ‘bad’ moment/circumstance/thing cloud the rest of that day…and then it might turn into a week and even a month…and before you know it you’ve had a bad year!

So as hard as it is sometimes the best thing is to let it go…and try to look for the positive… because every year has it’s ups and downs.  It’s the valley moments in life that make the mountain top view so much more memorable.

Counting my blessings and wishing you more. Hope you enjoy the New Year in store. Have a joyous New Year! 

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