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…time to move on!

When I was in the English Gardens I was saddened to see that my ‘mum’s home that I purchased for her ‘visits’ had burnt down….Mother’s Day 2010…I gave my mum a few gifts.. you can look at those in this fun post HERE…(I’ll wait.. so you have a have a quick look….
O.K. are you back?

I was saddened to see when I walked by THIS was the site of mum’s ‘house’….

Then I walked around the corner… back to the comfy-log-home that I claimed for my own…. (in the midst of all the ‘bears’..) and guess what? It was GONE…

Maybe it’s the English Gardens in Assiniboine Park that’s telling me something… my days are just plain numbered here in Winnipeg… soon again I’ll be ‘homeless’ until I reach Nunavut!

Visitors in the ‘peg!

This past Saturday… I went to the airport to pick up my Big-bro and sister-in-law at the airport!  They were in town for the past 5 days at a conference.. They flew in early so that we could visit… We went to one of my favourite crepes places in the village.. and then drove over to Assiniboine Park to walk around for a bit!  It was great to catch up… and visit… although next time I think they should bring my gorgeous nephews too!! 🙂 Here are some photos from our time at Assiniboine Park!

We walked through the new-nature-adventure playground….



This place has ‘shrubbery’ that is FROGS that have DRESS-UP CLOTHES and PLAY musical instruments!!! 

Have to take a photo by the ‘banjo-playing-FROG’!another photo-op by the giant ‘yak’ on the hill? Yes, I do believe that’s what one should DO!
a quick snap of the park…. with the water-feature that pours into the sand box… so much fun! 

Jamie and Dana really wanted to take these out for a ‘tour’….and both agreed that Samuel and Benjamin would have LOVED them… so they posed for a photo to show the boys when they got home! 


Onto the English Garden… where we asked someone to take a photo of all THREE of US!!


Followed by some other ‘funny’ portraits… of Jamie and Dana…. (I made them play ‘model’ and I wanted to try out some stuff…and they did happily play along!) Dana…. 🙂 She’s the first gal that I could call Sister!… it’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since that day… ..Jamie… 🙂 the best big bro a gal could have!!! 🙂 Thanks for putting up with my many ‘moods’… I’m thankful to have you in my life! I think that they were trying to ‘escape’ my camera… but there’s little chance of that!!! (unless i’m out of batteries—side note: I still need to find my battery charger, still don’t know where I put it!) 

Ten Years Married…and STILL holding hands!!

Thanks for modelling for me what a great marriage looks like…. 🙂 

Thanks for the short..but fun visit!!! …by the time this is posted… you will be well on your way back to Ontario..thanks for the visit! 🙂

A ‘New’ home…

This is something I’ve been working on for a bit… a ‘new-home’ for Sarah on the Road…

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the help and encouragement in creating this new ‘blog’ (I was like a fish out of water, still am but at least I’ve made it back to the water!)  Two people I’d like to specifically mention are Jen and Lisa!  It was Jen that helped me get off my butt and actually get a domain. (I had been wanting to do this for awhile…like probably over a year)… It came up one day when we were talking  on Facebook and it came up and then she helped ‘walk’ me through the process of getting a domain and hosting….  Lisa has always been my ‘go-to’ person for blog help!  In the past 2 years she’s been the one that has helped me create headers, set up my blogspot layout for me… and always around for me to bounce ideas off of… She listened to what I wanted.. and then went searching for a layout that would work.. and then set up the formatting of that layout for me… (wordpress is still kind of a foreign language to me!) lol   Without these gals… this would have NEVER been might never have happened so quickly! 🙂 thanks again! 

I’m not saying it’s perfect… I’ve done a bunch of ‘tweaking’ but am happy with the result!  Not to say that there might be other changes in the future when I have internet again at home! But for now… I’m happy with it!  

Sorry for making everyone ‘update’ their feeds on their blogs.. (it’s a pain I know!)

Thanks again! 

Sarah 🙂 

Yes, there were EVEN Ants*


*a picnic can’t be a picnic until there’s ants!!
Yesterday… Mark and I headed to Assiniboine Park for the first picnic of the season!  It was so perfect to be out in the park, awesome weather.. and amazing company! 
It was beautiful weather… sooooo sunny… and warm!!! 🙂 (don’t you like my ‘classy’ picnic basket?)

A shot of Mark… 
..and one of ME! (thanks Mark for taking this shot..)
A view of the sky… 
 Playing around with the camera.. and with some editing… fun!
 Looking at the River… we both couldn’t believe how FAST it was running.. 

 My first trip to Sargent Sundae… It was DARN good!!!!

Funky sculpture…
 Mark and his ‘pink’ ice cream—cotton candy!  
Mmmmm Chocolate… 
(thanks Mark for taking this one… I’ll have to shot you how to use the meter to focus~)
 Walking back to the car… 
It was the perfect end to a Sunday… and fantastic way to end a weekend!!!

Exploring the ‘peg…


Our first stop today was the English Gardens at Assinaboine Park…I was excited.. as the last time I was here.. there were few flowers… seems like summer brought more flowers!! 🙂
…the pond where there were no flowers, well now a lockness monster resides!
..mum’s house.. is looking pretty spiffy with some flowers outside!! (click HERE for that story!)
…there were BUTTERFLIES!!! (and I happened to get a shot of one!!)
Flowers…so many pretty ones to take photos of!!
I really liked these ones…
Meg really liked this one!!
We chill’d beside this pond for a bit.. and I struck up some random converstation with a cool woman and her 6month old baby!! 

I love this park!
..it is a really beautiful place to be!
It’s always a gamble IF you will get a decent photo when you hand your camera off to a stranger…(even if you do a ‘brief’ lesson ie) put it on automatic and say “all you have to do is push the ROUND button”)…this woman was extremely anxious about it.. but agreed.. and I think she did a fantastic job!!
“reflections… on the pond”
And then we went to the ZOO!! 🙂 Meg decided to press a penny… (and apparently it didn’t work) so we went to the gift shop.. and they were able to give us one in the end… so it wasn’t a waste of our money!
There is a statue of “Winnie” the bear.. and the army guy that was from Winnipeg.. (seems like I can’t get away from that bear!)
There were lots of animals… I took a few photos… and worked at ‘focusing’ through the fences, sometimes with great success sometimes not!
We sat and watched the monkeys for awhile… they were having a blast swinging and playing in their cage…
We also saw these ‘prairie dogs’ but they were “WILD” not part of an exhibit.. and well they were pretty darn CUTE.. to see all the holes on the hill.. and they were cheeky little guys… some kids came and started to feed them bread… they liked that a lot! One came right up to Meg’s shoe….
It isn’t a zoo without peacocks running around randomly!!
Tiger 1 was talking to Tiger 2… they were in separate cages… I don’t think that they were friends!!
Tiger 2…
Tiger 1…

But Tiger 1 looks pretty happy!!!
At lunch we found the ‘worlds’ largets ketchup packets… they were simply wonderful!!! and I only used ONE!
We had an excellent day… and then headed home for some dinner…and to get ready for drinks!!
(more about that to come in the next post!!!)
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