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Does this look like me?

>Last night, I went to a work party which celebrated the diverse group of people I work with… It was a fun night with great music and food (once it got to our table!)… Some of the acts were “Sher-E-Punjab” which was an Indian Bhangra Dance group… so much fun!  “Ca Claque”…which brought in some of the Franco-Manitoban culture into the mix… (the fiddle always makes me want to dance, break out the spoons and you so know it’s a party!) Then there was some greetings from various people who were hosting the event.  Then some more music…from “Caimiro Nhusi Band” which was a drumming group from various parts in Africia… and that was also so much fun!  To end off the evening there was a little bit of latin flare… with the “Cubanisimo” latin dancers… and then “Papa Mambo” which is a Latin Jazz Ensemble…  I was pretty tired after a crazy week, but I’m glad I decided to go… it was worth it! 

While there I also had my caricature drawn…. I had only ever had it done once before..(and it really wasn’t that nice of one done!) There’s a bit of a back story, when I started two of my co-workers have this really cool caricature on their office door–of themselves… and I was like.. that’s so cool, I want one! 

Well last night I got one… (I don’t think it will go on my office door…but I think it might find it’s way into my ‘cozy corner office’ onto my book shelf..) 

Here is Tom Andrich hard at work… (by the end of the night, I’m sure he did tons of these…I had mine done early on in the evening..) Here is his website…

Yes, that’s me… it was so weird having to sit and have some study my face, being a photographer it’s so wierd being the ‘subject’…
Here’s a shot of me last weekend from a mini-shoot I did…
photo by Ryan Bealer
The end result… but the question is, does it REALLY look like me?

…my answer is a little bit YES, and a little bit NO!!! (but isn’t that what caricatures are all about?!)
It was a great night.. and I’m glad that I have this reminder of it!

It was time…


…for me to find a hair stylist in Winnipeg!
(for the last 17months I’ve been still going to Toronto to see my amazing stylist Maddy… even though I wasn’t living there..I tried to convince her to move to the ‘peg..but well that wasn’t quite possible!)  
Exhibit A: (…love the ‘brassy’ blond my hair turned after a summer in the sun!Overall the last time my hair had seen colour was in March when I was in Ontario for my friends’ wedding.. and it was red, with fire engine red highlights…)  
Exhibit B: (in the chair today..bad lightening…so you really can’t see all the LIGHT ends.. and DARK roots poppin’ through.. it wasn’t quite ‘trailer’ trash..but darn it was getting mighty close!)
I was leaving the office today I asked a co-worker, Anne,  where she went… and then called on the spot for an appointment! Yup, I had time.. and well my hair was telling me it was time.. I best get it done!
HairFX is a cool, cool spot!  James was my stylist…and he totally got that I was a girl in a new city.. that had to break up with her stylist..(but didn’t really want to..).. He listened as I explained how I got a horrible dye job when I was 23 and didn’t even let Maddie dye my hair til AFTER a year of her cutting my hair… (and he was like, “wow, I feel honoured” and I said, “ummmm do you see my hair?! I have no choice dude!”  Because  I’m not headin’ back to TO til Christmas and well that hair couldn’t wait…  A bonus is that this place is in my neighbourhood too!!
I jumped off that cliff… AND trusted James… well… I’m so, SO, so THRILLED I did!!!!
After Shoot… back to my roots… o’natural… (man it feels good!)… but a bit weird there’s not red.. when I look in the mirror, instead brown with some chocolate brown chunks! 
Now I suppose this means I really do need to invest in a straightener…perhaps a Christmas gift!?
Thank You…
…Anne for pointing me in the direction of HairFX!
…the team at HairFX for making a girl feel a bit more at home in her new city!! (If any reader in Winnipeg goes to HairFX tell them I sent you!)
…and James–for listening and doing an amazing colour and cut!! I will be back, because I think I’ve found a Winnipeg Hair Stylist I can trust!! Great job!
*all the photos except for the first one were taken by me with my iPhone…

R.I.P. iPhone…

iPhone smashed screen :(
This happened about a week ago, on my trip coming back to Canada from Columbia…
I was so upset about it, I couldn’t talk about it…I still am pretty upset.  But have decided to post this memorial for my phone…I’m just not sure what to do about this problem.
(Even tho the screen is smashed.. it still works–though using sunglasses and txting sometimes can be tricky to see what you are typing or receiving!)

You know it’s a good vacation….


UPDATED: FYI—the drugs are antibotics…
(in case u were wondering…)

…when you end up on drugs!!!(do you think they could make pills any bigger than that?!)

I’ll post a longer update soon… my week in London, Ontario has been awesome!

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