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Blizzard in Iqaluit

It’s been a busy week in Iqaluit.  Great meetings, lots of fun catching up with friends…and now experiencing a blizzard!  This morning my flight home to Pang was cancelled because it was windy in Pang.  Now Iqaluit currently is having a blizzard!  I just checked out the forecast…I’m not sure if my morning flight will happen.  Looks like the blizzard is forecasted to last for most of tomorrow too.

Blizzard weather...


I’m safe and secure in my hotel room. It’s almost like being home in Pang during a wind storm…no the hotel isn’t shaking…BUT I’m on the top floor and the roof is creaking!

Here are some of the views from my window I took this week…

Blizzard in IQ: BEFORE

Here’s the view now… (taken at about 4:30pm)

Blizzard in IQ (NOW)

…should be a fun night just listening to and watching the storm! Not that I’m going anywhere…taxi’s are off the road!

Sledding in Iqaluit…

Today it was a cold but amazing day in Iqaluit.  I got all bundled up this afternoon and headed over to my friend’s house.  Then her 3 girls got bundled up and we all went sleddin’ on the hill near her house! I think it was around -22C but with the wind it made it so much colder (not sure of the actual wind chill temp!). Unlike when I was in Oromocto…I had my proper boots and snow pants that made the sledding experience so much more fun! Sledding with the girls... in IqaluitSledding with the girls... in Iqaluit

I climbed to the top of the hill to check out the sun…and the view of the harbour!

Sledding with the girls... in IqaluitSledding with the girls... in Iqaluit

…it was so cold! One of the girls headed back home…but the rest of continued to sled! I was excited to have my snow pants…and no other adults watching me as I giggled, and screamed as I went down the hill on my tiny sled!

Sledding with the girls... in IqaluitSledding with the girls... in IqaluitSledding with the girls... in IqaluitSledding with the girls.. in Iqaluit

It was an awesome way to spend the afternoon! I’m so glad that Leslie and I found those sleds in Yellowknife…I can’t wait to try out mine in Pang! Thanks girls for braving the cold to go sledding with me…we will have to do it again!

Capturing a Moment in Time… almost 6months old!

When I was in Iqaluit in April I had the opportunity to take some family photos for my friends Josefina, Eduardo and their son Lucas.  At the end of that post, I mentioned how I couldn’t wait to meet their new arrival.

Well it’s been almost 6months, and I finally got an opportunity to meet Baby Matias. (..it’s not for the lack of trying, in June weather kept me in Pang when I was going to fly to Iqaluit and then holidays and summer plans seem to not jive between us…so it was nice to finally catch up!)

I went over to have dinner with Josefina and the boys.  (Eduardo was travelling for work, so sadly didn’t see him this trip!) But after dinner I brought out my camera and took a few shots.

It was a bit of challenge for two reasons: 1. it was an inside shoot, and it was dark outside…that meant no natural light from the windows  2. big brother that was nearing the end of his day…and I had to be creative to get him in the photos.  But despite these challenges, there were quite a few ‘keepers’ in the bunch of photos I took.

Here’s your sneak peak Josefina and Eduardo…thank for letting me capture a moment in time for your family.

Baby Matias…

Big Brother Lucas…

There’s something special about seeing sibling love at any age!

One of the last shots of the night… Big Brother was already sleeping and now it was time for Baby Brother to get one last snuggle before going to his bed!

I popped a CD in the mail for you….hopefully you will get it soon!  Thanks again Josefina for the wonderful visit and dinner. Can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Iqaluit.

St. Jude’s Cathedral…

This past week when I was in Iqaluit…I had the opportunity to visit the Anglican church, St. Jude’s Cathedral…also known as the Igloo Church. The original church that had been built in Iqaluit in the 1970s was burnt down in late 2005.  After the arson…the church was deemed unsafe and had to be torn down.  Slowly over the years…money was raised and the church was rebuilt…and reopened this past June.

I didn’t get a shot of the front of the church…but here’s a shot from the back!

I visited it once in August when some of the children were performing after their Music Camp. But it was full of lots of parents and children…the altar wasn’t set up.  But walking around last week it looked more like a church on the inside.

While I was walking around…someone sat down at the baby-grand piano and started to play.  It is a beautiful church.

I felt at home…all the pieces of an Anglican Church that I grew up with where present-yet, they had been changed, modified to represent a northern, Inuit population.  It was so amazing.  To see how narwhal tusks made the cross at the back of the altar, seal skin bowls were the collection plates…Natural light pours through the skylight in the middle of the church…

…and the communion rail was a kamotik on it’s side.

I hope one day to be in Iqaluit on Sunday to participate in a service here.

From the land of Humidity to water filled with Ice…

On Wednesday I travelled back home. It was one of those trips… first finding out my return had been ‘rescheduled’ for Friday, and then finding out that my flight to Pang was cancelled.  So I boarded the plane for Iqaluit thinking I’d have to overnight, and fly to Pang in the morning.  Then when I got to Iqaluit I found out that the flight had been rescheduled with a bit of a ‘lay-over’ in Iqaluit. (My 2pm flight to Pang was delayed until 8:45pm).

I took the opportunity to check in and catch up with some friends!  After having wings at the Store House on the way to the airport my friend Nathalie and I drove down to look at some of the ice still in the Bay.  Seriously HUGE pieces.  Earlier this week the ice had delayed many sealift boats from unloading and the Students going on the Students on Ice ship from leaving!

Earlier in the week the bay was totally filled with ice! 

The tide was out… so all the ice was sitting on the bottom of the bay.

It’s hard to tell how ‘big’ these pieces of ice are…but they are probably at least 2x the height of a person.

Nathalie… thanks for taking me down to the beach and having wings with me! 

A shot of Cumberland Sound…just as we entered Pangnirtung Fjord.  There is a heap of ice out in the sound too.

Then finally home-at-last!  (All my 5 pieces + 2 carry ons made it in one piece…)

It was so good to sleep in my own bed again!  I have a heap of unpacking/organizing to do… but that’s what the weekend if for.  I’ll update you about my time with family, and some unexpected happenings during the last 8days of my holiday soon!

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