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Two different directions… one day!


This morning we found ourselves at “St. Norbert’s Market”… most people go to a farmer’s market and come home with fresh fruit and veg… well Meg and I did not come home with that… BUT some new necklaces!!

There was a llama in a small cage with some goats!

The ‘button’ necklaces… they were SOOO cool… I’m so loving my long one I got!!
Meg modelling her new ‘button’ necklace… (I got one too!)
I was talking to this woman at one both and she commented on my ‘jade’ New Zealand necklace… and she looked at the cord and saw how ‘woren’ it was…(I got it about 6 years ago.. and its a favourite necklace of mine… and wear it most days since I got it…partly because of what it represents!)… she offered to make me a NEW cord.. for free! (I said thanks so much.. but also ended up buying one of her really cool wooden necklaces..)  Some people are so kind… she wanted to let me know that I didn’t have to buy anything, or even pay for the new cord…
Meg and I got some perogies for lunch… we had 2 ‘saskatoon berry’ ones.. and a cottage cheese one… (they were sooooooo yummy!!! (I had never had either kind…but well we were pleasantly surprised…and they filled us up so much!!)
We got back to my house about 1ish.. but because it was so HOT outside.. and sunny… we decided to get our ‘beach’ gear and head NORTH of the city to “Grand Beach”… (it’s about an hour’s drive north located on Lake Winnipeg!!)

It was so worth the drive… and there were quite a few others that got out of the city as well!!! We walked thru this crowd.. until we found a spot for our gear…. (the view to the left of us…)

..and the view to the right of us… a little less crowded!
Chill’n on the beach….

It was a great couple of hours… and so worth the drive, even if the water felt like ICE!!!

On the way home Meg caught a few more awesome photos out the window…. We both thought that this place… was HILARIOUS!!! (but we didn’t stop in to try our luck!)
..a water tower!
…Grain towers…
This is a fav of mine that she took… because it captures HER in the process of taking the shot!! Meg you have a great eye.. and have figured out my camera!! (I’m just sorry that yours hasn’t been working!)

…after dinner we settled down for a night in and a movie…(which I fell asleep in about 1/2 way thru oops!)Thanks for an awesome day Meg!

Day Two: Wawa, to Thunder Bay, Ontario!!


Today we had a bit of a slow start… (partly due to me…but in the end it was an ok thing!)…  We set off from Wawa after a delicious breakfast–I SO luv the NORTHERN LIGHTS Motel… you NEED to stay there if you are in Wawa!!!
We did not see a moose.. but Meg saw a few fun signs, and we had to take some photos of them!
..there is a song about “moose on the loose” but I believe they are also full of juice?
 (I think that’s when they are a ‘big’ problem!)
It was rainy in White River… but we had to stop to say HI to Pooh Bear!!
This weekend is the festival… to think I missed it by like 5 days!!!
An awesome view from a look out!!

Group Shot!!! (it was so windy and chilly!!)
Meg and the “sleeping giant”…
The “Sleeping Giant” all on his own!!
Stopping to see Terry Fox…
We quickly (as safe as possible) headed over to Fort William… so we could walk around before it closed at 5pm… (we arrived at 3:15pm… perfect timing.. and way enough time to chill!) Here are some random photos from that experience!!! Both of us being ‘history’ majors… got a kick out of this place… I still think at some point in my life.. I need to work at a place like this!!
This guy.. was tryin to tell me how much I’d need to work for a cast iron pot… man it was heavy!
The inner court-yard… with the “big-house?”
These teeny-tiny beds… made me chuckle… but I suppose people were shorter then!? or they liked to cuddle… yes, cuddling I suppose is nice!?
I’m stiring the ‘big’ pot with a HUGE spoon… and then a ‘creepy’ guy trapped Meg and I in the room.. and we couldn’t escape… he was just a bit ‘ackward’, and wanted to engage us in some historical discussion… but we didn’t quite feel the same vibe!!
Meg and the Spoon.. (isn’t it HUGE!?)… she should have used it to swat the creepy guy away.. but don’t worry… she didn’t and neither did I!
In one of the ‘shops/houses/building things!’
I was challenged to a checker game… the man said he had just learned 2 weeks ago.. and asked if I had $5 to put on a game… I politely declined!!
..but I did become his assistant on the lathe…
Meg on the other hand worked the hand drill… (but it had another name.. and I forget… which is kind of silly bc my grandpa use to have these guys.. and I’ve used them before!)
We went into the barrel making shop… and stayed awhile…
Just some random shots… from the Fort!
…a view of the outside wall surrounding the Fort… (to keep people out I suppose!)
…blankets were EVERYWHERE.. I’m not sure who would have even wanted the SCRATCHY WOOL blankets… YIKES! but I suppose if you were living in the Voyageur times… a SCRATCHY WOOL blanket might be welcomed!!
Meg thought this bed was comfy… I told her we’d find a hotel near-by…. with a pool… (she didn’t stay long after that!)
Birch Bark Canoe.. pretty darn cool!!
On our way back to Milo… the end of a GREAT day!!!
We checked into our hotel.. that indeed had a pool, sauna and steam rooms!! That felt OH SOOOO GOOD!!! ūüôā Tomorrow we should arrive in the ‘peg at some point in the day…

Sometimes life just is a pile of poo!

Dear Birds,

I’m not sure what Milo did to piss you off.¬† But your actions are uncalled for, as Milo has NEVER done ANYTHING to you.

Bird Poo on car

Seriously!? If once wasn’t enough.. you had to do your buisness TWICE?! and what did you eat!? The view from the top… isn’t much prettier…
bird poo on car

I guess you didn’t care that Milo had JUST been washed at the dealership on Tuesday, 4 short days ago… I guess you decided to shit on the cleanest, and most shiny car in the lot…

Next time, dear birds, remember that Milo didn’t do anything to diserve this treatment and go poo on someone else’s car!


A very upset car owner on behalf of Milo, her car!

PS. Now I wish you could clean up your own mess, as I have to go clean that crap up!

Road Trip!!!

So today, I went on a bit of a road trip…and drove out on the good old Trans Canada Hwy…(I had meeting today in Brandon… off I went with two co-workers!)¬†I think they would drive with me again…let’s just say, that Milo likes to go fast..and apparently¬†if you aren’t paying close attention to the¬†odometre then well you might not really know how fast you are going!!!
Going into Brandon, one of my co-workers took us in the route that is the “Dangerous Goods Route” that trucks have to use to ‘by-pass’ Brandon… I thought that this was hilarious… (must have been me getting up at the crack of 6:30am to leave my house by 7:15am)….I couldn’t get a photo of that sign… but did get this… apparently the ‘black diamond’ is the dangerous goods symbol… Who knew that?! (guess you learn something new every day eh?)
Road Signs
Almost there, I looked down at my odometer and saw that I had ‘cracked’ 4000kms…(so this is the shot after I was SITTING in the parking lot…)
photo of odometer

I didn’t take pictures on the way there, partly because we were worried that we were running late… and partly because it was ‘cloudly’ and ‘drizzling’!!¬† But coming home.. I said I wanted to take a photo of the “1/2 way Tree” someone had told me about this ‘big tree’ that is about 1/2 way between Brandon, and Winnipeg. I’m not sure that’s true… (it’s just outside of Portage la Prairie)..but it’s a cool tree… I pulled over ‘safely’ and took these photos!

Tree beside highway

This is taken after I got back into the car, those ‘big’ trucks… shook Milo… and we decided it was time to get moving again!!! (I also took the photo at the beginning of this post..)
truck passing us on the side of road
Road trips are FUN… and having people along with you is even better! ūüôā

It’s worth the drive…

..sometimes you just have to hop in your car, drive and meet a friend for DQ!  Last year, I often had cravings for DQ but living in a remote fly in community in Nunavut..well there was no way I could just go get it! (Seriously I think all FOOD commericals should be BANNED and OUTLAWED for TVs in the Arctic!)

Tonight I had just started watching Grey’s… settled in my comfy yoga pants and tank top on my couch… I was also¬†txting a friend, who lives in Transcona (or T-cona) I received a TXT that asked me, “DQ Burger or Peanut Buster Parfait?” and I was like, “ummm PB Parfait all the way.. ” followed by another close following TXT saying, “Oh, I want DQ can I come over for one?!” and well Ryan being the awesome friend that he is.. waited for me to get there!¬† (and YES,¬†I’m one of those people that can’t send one¬†long TXT but many¬†short¬†TXTs in a row–much to my friend’s dismay!!)

So I hopped into my car.. and off I went…

Just in case you wanted to know… well there’s the route I had to take it’s a 20min¬†drive according to Google Maps… but this does NOT account for the TRAIN that delayed me for at least 10mins!! (those trains are SLOW and LONG!!!)¬† I was making good time until then! (FYI:¬†Point A or B¬†is NOT where I live.. in case you wanted to find me.. sorry, I’m not making it THAT easy!)

map from house to DQEven with a train delay….. and wearing yoga pants and a sweat shirt…DQ is worth it! ¬†(this was the smallest one I’ve seen in forever—it was a walk up counter, no store inside at all!?) Sweet!!!

Dairy Queen storefront!

Milo even thinks it’s worth the drive for DQ…. and I’d have to agree with him!!!
Yummy! Peanut Buster Parfait
Thanks, Ryan for the invite for ice-cream!!
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