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Mum’s HERE!!


On Thursday morning.. my mum arrived from Ontario…
taken today at the Forks during our Ride!
 I had a crazy day at work..so wasn’t able to pick her up at the airport. So organized her with a list of instructions/address to my apartment, arranged with the super in my building to let her in… and then I had to wait for the super to call to say she arrived! Her plane landed at 9:37am.. and by 10:35am I had a call–mum was at my apartment.  Let’s just say the rest of the day was good, but I kept thinking I can’t wait to get home!!! 
Sunday at the Forks… self portrait…
We headed out for Thai…where I had my B-day dinner… and had a ‘FEAST’ of food!  Friday, I got up and headed to work… and then we headed to the Moose Games on Friday and then Saturday night! 
These shots were taken with my iPhone… a quick shot of the warm-up!
Saturday night the Moose retired Mike Keane’s #12 Jersery, and raised it to the roof.

 Mum and I were there… had tickets in the ‘upper’ bowl.. it was sold out house!

 My cousin got a goal in that game.. and then we all went out to dinner after! We didn’t get home until 1:30am…(apparently my ‘late’ nights are rubbing off on my mum!)

Sunday morning, after a lazy start we headed down to the Forks!  I had what has become my FAVOURITE thing… from the Pancake House!  Banana Choc. Chip Pancakes—have you had them? If not.. you NEED to try them!  which always remind me of Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancake” song…

We wandered around.. up to the look out… and then sat on a bench where we sat at Easter last year when Mum came out to visit.. You can look at those photos HERE (I had a bit redder hair!) it was a gorgeous way to spend the afternoon…it was about +5C!

 There were TONS of people out on the River Trail…

 ..a shot of the look out tower, at the Forks…

 We decided to go on the ‘free’ wagon ride… pulled by two horses!  It was great fun… during our short ride.. it started to snow, the temps had dropped as well!  After some hot chocolate and a look at the fantastic toy shop… we headed home! 

All in all it’s been a busy but FUN few days!! 🙂 I’m sure there will be much more fun happening over the remaining days she is out visiting!!

>The Forks!!


We ended up at the Forks this afternoon… we met up with my friend Ryan.. for a late lunch/early dinner! Sat on a patio and caught up… then we walked around a bit… and I had Ryan take a photo of Meg and I skipping across the bridge… It was fun times.. just ask Meg!!
At the river, I wanted to get another photo of Meg and I… but apparently she was all ‘serious’ and wouldn’t smile…. So well that meant I needed to ‘help’ her smile…. and the following photos were taken!! (thanks Ryan for capturing the moment!)
..I was saying something like “c’mon Meg.. you need to smile..” and then I tickled her… as she attempted to tickle me!
“are you smiling yet?!”
..by the time we moved RIGHT next to the river… Meg wasn’t so serious… and I didn’t even have to ‘tickle’ her to smile! 😉
After exploring the BEST toy store ever… I decided we needed ice cream.. so that’s what we had for dinner!!!  It was soooo yummy!!! 🙂

A Touch of Royalty…

>Remember when I made my “Summer Hit List”?

Well I have started to cross things off the list.. the first thing to go?
Seeing the Queen of course!   1. get a glimpse of the Queen…

Yep, Today I headed to the Forks… (again in the heat–it was brutally humid, and HOT…about 38C..) I got there about 1:30ish.. and staked out a spot… just in front of the media platform! This gathering was the Manitoba Homecoming Concert for Human Rights…the Queen dedicated a cornerstone for the new Museum of Human Rights. 
Here I am in front of the ‘Royal’ Box… waiting for the Queen… My friend L joined me, that was awesome… let me have the ‘freedom’ to move around a bit, and get some shots..but the beauty of having a ‘spot’ to go back to!! Thanks for coming L.  it was a great afternoon! (the photo below was taken with my iPhone!)
People, came and brought chairs…
(some looked like they were their ‘dining room’ chairs..others were folding camp chairs!)…
Because I was there so early.. I got to see the rehearsals of the performers…
Here’s a shot of Chantal Kreviazuk (love, love the song.. it was accompanied by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra!)
As it got closer to 5pm.. the excitement started to gain for the arrival of the Queen…
(the crowd started to grow too!)

Fred Penner… was one of the ‘MC’s’

Some of the younger Royal Watchers… (too CUTE!)

…there was a wide range of Security, I felt sorry with them in their uniforms, or suits…it was so darn hot!!! But then again.. uniforms/suits… are such nice things to look at… (oops!? did I just type that out loud…yes, I think I did!)

As the crowds grew around me… people tried to get shade, and chill as much as they could…

For the news guys and others it meant hanging out under the umbrellas, not for the rain.. but for some sort of shade! 

I hung out with L. in the the ‘pretend’ shade in front of the media stage… (Side note: I only ended up with a little bit of burn.. seems like I missed a strip on my shoulder right close to my tank top line…when I put on my sunscreen…but all in all I didn’t get that burned at all!)

One of the camera guys brought me back a cold bottle of water..(I had brought 2 water bottles, but had drank most of both by this point) so having someone bring me some COLD water was heavenly!!! Yahoo for COLD water!!!

..and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra started to play… and I noticed between the main stage and the ‘Royal’ Box… the Royal Flag had been hoisted!

And, then she was in front of me in the Royal Box… I think her hat was ‘fabulous’! 
…Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh… (and me standing in front of the Queen!)

Chantal Kreviazuk.. introduced The Queen before her speech… which you can watch HERE!!

One final wave… (and as soon as they got down the stairs… the heavens opened up and we got rained on!!)   It was such a welcome thing! 

That was my brush with the Royals… I had a blast, even walking home in the rain…didn’t ruin my happy rush!… it actually was a welcome relief to all that humid weather! 
Thanks again L. for joining me on this hot, humid afternoon!! You were good company while waiting for the Royals!!
I just watched the 10 o’clock news on Global and they did a clip about the weather.. and I was on it!!!
my quote of the day.. “I’m a hawt, sweaty mess! But it’s OK!”
(and I really didn’t look that sweaty, or messy… but I did look HAWT!!)

Happy Canada Day!!

>Today when I stepped out of my air conditioned apartment… I had a flash back to my Canada Day last year.  I was living in Pangnirtung, Nunavut (on Baffin Island)..and I had to return home to put on my long johns because I was so cold!  If you want to hear about that Canada Day click the following links.. PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3!  I would have liked to experience a bit of those ‘chilly’ winds…it was HOT, here and I was instantly sweating when I started walking around, first exploring the street festival on Osbourne and then walking over to the Forks…

It always amazes me the outfits, and Canadians wear on Canada day to celebrate.. it’s awesome…. I happened to snap a few of my favs from the day!  I am always amazed how the old and young…come out to party! I think all the cheesy ‘Canadiana’ clothing, bags, hats, come out for one day a year… kind of makes me wish Canada Day could happen more often!  It’s such a good feeling to be a Canadian and celebrate with fellow Canadians… So before I start writing a novel, I’m going to leave you with my photos…. and little commentary on them!

One of the many bands that played!…
Mmmmm it sure was ‘patio’ weather today!
(the next two photos were taken by my friend Ryan–thanks mate!)
Enjoying the ‘eye-candy’ it was a toss up what was hotter..
the weather or the ‘eye-candy’ standing/sitting behind me! (taken using my iPhone)
As the sun went down… I continued to talk to my friend.. and take photos…
Good Night Sun….
 (side note: now just to let you know, I didn’t bring my tripod–so that means I hand held my camera for all the shots that follow in this blog…. and am aware that there is some ‘camera’ shake..and well blur.. but I decided to embrace it and see what I could come up with..and I was surprised to get some neat stuff… I do want to shoot fireworks with a tripod at some point in my life tho! )
It was awesome to enjoy the music.. the Winnipeg Symphony played… and was joined by a band for the last few numbers…
(side note:  It was almost perfect.. after returning from a washroom break.. a family moved to sit close to where I was sitting, as I joined my friend… This family…who was behind me who kept kicking me, even though I moved to give them more room–the kids wonderful parents ‘instructed’ the kids to kick/bump me because then I’d move.. I did as much as I could, and didn’t fight.. but seriously can’t believe some people’s parents–who in their right mind tells their small children to bump the lady to get her to move?!)
I luv, this shot!
There was a HUGE crowd of people… that kept growing…
The fireworks started… but we were in a spot that couldn’t see them very well… (they were being set off from behind us, and two tall buildings in our way…) we watched some, then decided to start moving to get a better view!..(and my friend wanted to ‘beat’ the crowd….and I needed to know the direction on how to ‘walk’ to get out of there the fastest…I came a different route that was FULL of people!)
Yes, that’s the “Inn at the Forks” hotel.. and that’s the sign on top of the hotel….
After pointing me in the right direction, my friend left…which was totally cool…and I stayed in the parking lot and got these last shots of the fireworks! 
Happy Canada Day! I hope everyone had a fantastic day…
one more thing to leave you with….
a little video of a song that’s been in my head all day!

The Forks: Take 2…

On this past Wednesday night, I went back to the forks to take photos with my photo buddy… we met and headed over another bridge, I wanted to see where it went, apparently my buddy knew–but well he was up for exploring… I’m not up for ‘explaining’ everything, in grave details… so I’ll let my photos speak for themselves!!

Exploring the Forks-Winnipeg_0001bridge and skyleaf..caterpillerThistleBridge with sun in the background.

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