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Tinker Town…


Tonight, Ryan and I headed to ‘Tinkertown’… what a fun kiddie carnival type place… it’s free to go in…but you pay for the rides etc… the colours were great.. and there was some ‘interesting’ stuff in there to shoot!!
A train goes around the ‘outside’ of the property… (if I was 4 I’d LOVE this place!!!)
There’s a GIANT lemon?! seriously… who doesn’t love a LEMON where you can get drinks from!?
But don’t forget the UPSIDE down ICE CREAM cone.. (where u can get ICE CREAM!?)…
Or the ‘crazy’ signs telling parents and kids what they CAN and CAN’T do!!!
The rides… yep I know it’s completely over-exposed..but I LOVE it!! 🙂
and then there was the ‘creepy’ clown.. who doesn’t love a ‘creepy’ clown!?
And I had to get my photo taken with ‘said’ creepy clown!! (thanks Ryan for taking this little gem!)
…and here’s a new self-portrait with a new wide angle lens I aquired this evening!! 😉
gotta luv those self-portraits.. well I do anyways!!

Well that’s the word on the street tonight… bags are packed… I’m ready to go… I think Milo is good too.. full tank of gas, topped up the bug spray juice and lots of oil!! 😉 Talk to you next from the road… I’m out of here!! 🙂

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