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…weather happens (fog or wind or snow), flights are delayed, then cancelled, then it’s time to move onto Plan B, then onto Plan C or Plan X, Y or Z!

(instagram photos from earlier today!  Follow me @sarahontheroad)

Everyone travelling in the north can play the game…hopefully tonight Plan D will work-and I’ll overnight in Iqaluit…and carry on to my final destination tomorrow-a day late…but late is better than never eh?

Delays due to weather is just part of living in the north…but not my favourite part at all. Often it effectively leaves you trapped.  Even if you wanted to leave you can’t.  That’s when I realize how remote this place I live in truly is.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE living here.  Just hate travel delays…especially when I’m heading south for holidays. Don’t worry I’ll eventually get south… just not sure when, or if I’ll even make it on Saturday for the family wedding I so desperately wanted to attend.  Chances are I will make it, but who really knows now!

I seem to have lost my travelling Mojo…I need to find it again!

Goodbye Arviat, Hello Iqaluit!

On my last post about my trip to Arviat it seems fitting that I put up photos that ‘welcome’ you to Arviat!  I had such a great week in Arviat…it was really nice to visit another community in Nunavut.  The people of Arviat are so friendly and welcoming.

After our meetings wrapped up this morning…there was a bit of time to head to the ‘lumber’ store.  I took some photos inside, but promised the people in them that I wouldn’t post them!  Trust me they were pretty funny…my friend was looking for a tool belt, and the brand-name of the tool belt that they had in the store was hilarious! In the end she didn’t get the belt.

This store went on, and on, and on… anything and EVERYTHING you would ever want to have was there.  From food to sewing supplies to construction stuff to home appliances, the lumber store had it all!  That’s one of the fun parts about travelling…each community gets different things into their stores…and you never know what you might end up seeing!

Outside of the lumber store…was a group of kids.  They were jumping and running around-playing some kind of game.  They saw my camera and asked if I could take a photo of them.  So I did!

Our next stop was Kiluk-the Arts and Crafts Store in Arviat!  (This is the place that the Salia Doll Amauti are hand made!) While I was there one of the ladies brought out 3 cute Ookpik (Owls).  Immediately they were bought by two of my coworkers.  I quickly asked if there was another Ookpiks in the back.  The woman said there was one more ‘baby’ one…but it needed to be finished.  She quickly stitched it up, and cut the tail feathers so I could buy it. 

Posing with our new friends! 

Here’s another group of kids…waiting for their mum to take them home after a long day at school!

Then it was off to the airport to catch our charter flight back to Iqaluit.

On this flight I decided that this is kind of like a ‘bucket’ list item achieved… I was on a privately chartered plane…travelling from point A to B.  Glad that this happened northern style.

Kind of like another item on that ‘bucket’ list.  I always wanted to live in a house that had a porch swing. My basement apartment in Toronto–well that house it was in, had a porch swing! And the ‘Bucket’ list item to live by the ocean–well I’m doing that in Pang, but the water temps are a bit colder than I expected!

I guess sometimes our ‘bucket’ list wishes are a bit different than what we expect them to look at when we make them.  Maybe I need to start to define these items a bit more! Some last views of Arviat…

…and a view of Hudson’s Bay!

A quick stop for re-fueling in Rankin Inlet…

…a final wave, quick walk to board the plane, and two + hour flight back to Iqaluit is the way this story ended!

On the Road…

On Monday I left Pang…flew to Iqaluit.  It should have been a simple thing, but sometimes travel in the north isn’t so simple. It has been extremely windy / bad weather  in Pang or bad weather in Iqaluit so that meant that and the last plane that came into town was Thursday Evening.  So with no planes on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (that’s about 5 flights leaving town) that meant a lot of people trying to leave town-and only a few seats!  I was one of them trying to get a seat to Iqaluit…(my flight from Saturday was cancelled, rebooked to Sunday, which was also cancelled-then rebooked for Tuesday PM)…to make a long story short, I was put on the wait list for both flights Monday Morning, but ended up getting a seat on one of the charter flights.  I suppose one thing I was reminded of today was, things always work out…but there’s nothing straight forward about flying!

Inside the Pang terminal was full of people, but also there were 4 planes on the ground outside… 2 from First Air and 2 from Air Nunavut (charter flights).

In Iqaluit today I saw two random licence plates from the USA.  I did a double take, and saw both of these plates within 5mins of each other! There is NO way that these cars have DRIVEN to Iqaluit (as there are no roads connecting Nunavut communities to the rest of southern Canada)…but I suppose people have connections to places in the south-so why not show it? 

The next leg of my trip was flying to  Arviat… the flight was about 3 1/2 hours.  During this flight, my tailbone decided to remind me that I broke it during Easter weekend.  Honestly it hasn’t been hurting in awhile, but now it’s reminded me that I do indeed have a tailbone, and it’s not happy!

Some views from inside the King Air. The co-pliot going on the right–goes through the safety features of the aircraft.  I did a ‘wide-angle’* self portrait of everyone on the plane…(* I’m shocked I actually decided to share this photo-especially because the wide-angle made me look double my size!)

Some shots from the air… taken before my nap!

At one point when we were on the plane… I looked up and saw that someone had ‘signed’ the roof of the plane. Who would have known that Mr. Harper has such great cursive writing?  After looking at the date, I realized that this was the same plane that brought Mr. Harper to Pang in August of 2009…when I met him.

Quite a few other people, MLAs and DMs in Nunavut + other random people had also signed the roof of the plane!  Some of them signed before our Prime Minister did in 2009, and some of the signed after.  This was one club I didn’t join, so no signatures left by me!


Coming into land in Arviat… I was glad to get my first glimpse of the community-I had to pee!  

After we landed, there were some pretty cool clouds…with the sun trying to fight it’s way through!

After dinner…some of my coworkers and I went on a little walk around Arviat.  The following are some of the photos from that walk!

….one of the things I like to do is take photos of signs when I visit new places.  The ‘refueling’ sign was at the airport… and the RK’D is a spot that as ‘Arcade’ Games as well as food and groceries! The last photo was a random bike jump that was set up on a street here in Arviat, but no one but us was on that street at that time! 

A snow mobile left near the ice, so hunters can still leave the community to hunt.  Evidence of where hunters were outside many homes…on this ATV there were 2 MuskOx heads.

While we were walking, we passed the Margaret Aniksak Visitor’s Centre.  There was a group of people outside-they invited us inside.  They were practicing songs, drum dancing and throat singing. They were getting ready to perform in Ottawa and were talking about organizing a trip to Igloolik as well at some point in the future.  After heading inside, we were soon offered chairs to sit on…and a mini-performance for us began.  This was one of those really-cool-random-moments, of just being in the right place in the right time.   I’m so glad that this moment happened.  It was amazing to hear the Elders sing.  Listening to women throat sing is just amazing.  It is such a beautiful art, and  I love listening to throat singers…there is something so powerful in hearing their songs.

It was a perfect ending to my first evening here in Arviat.  I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few days!

Dene Hand Games…

Today Daisy and I drove to Behchoko to see the finals of the Dene Hand Games.

“The Hand Games were played years ago as a form of gambling among friends and different groups. Often the games were played to gamble for bullets, furs, dogs, toboggans, or stick matches. Today, however, the Hand Game is played in cultural centres, community carnivals and other events all over the Dene country as a friendly competition fostering community pride. The Hand Game is based on a simple concept of hiding and guessing of objects using elaborate hand signals and gestures to both find the object and hide the object.” www.denegames.ca

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to experience…I really wished this morning I had done some googling to find out more about rules to the games.  But Daisy was able to tell me the basic rules…and then by watching I was able to learn a bit more.  Then when I got back to Yellowknife, I found this awesome video from Alex and Luke on their visit to the Hand Games last year!

Take some time to watch it… because it really captures the games with the amazing drumming the way photos just can’t!  Alex and Luke also explain the basic rules to the games in their video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGLjBqLOPcE]

So here are some of my photos from the day… it was PACKED!  Daisy and I stood for almost 3 hours before we got places to sit… it was such an awesome experience, I feel so honoured to be able to have had this experience.

In the top photo you can see a game taking place… and the bottom one–setting up for the next match, the mats where players and drummers kneel!

Here are some shots of the players hiding their tokens! 

There are tons of spectators… from the young to the old!  Everyone was keen to see which teams would advance to the finals!

The drumming was amazing…it was hard to stand still…makes your body want to move! The little drummer in the photos…kept going up and getting a spare drum to play on, sometimes having it taken from him.  Usually this was when a player that had their token guessed wanted to drum to encourage the remaining players! But the little drummer would wait until he could get his hands on another drum!

It was so amazing to see different generations playing this game…how the teams were mixed, and the passion and excitement was so powerful! 

Just because I always like a little bit of B&W…here’s a few for you to see… 

It was such an awesome day…thanks again Daisy for taking me!  It’s an experience I will never forget…

Here are a few road signs from our trip back to Yellowknife… it was about an hour’s drive.  

Kugluktuk: Night and Day

At the end of last week I was in Kugluktuk, Nunavut for a few days…  I was able to reconnect with Tara, an old friend from Pang who lived there in 2009 too! Tara was one of the people that flew to Iqaluit with me to help celebrate my 30th Birthday-ah good memories! We spent Friday night creating really good food…catching up, and talking about computers, editing photos, cameras and taking photos and random settings! It was a great evening…

Tara is a foodie…in 2009 she had a group of people over to have Korean Food--it was delish!  Turkey dinner at Christmas was also wonderful.  

Tonight was no different…we had a thin crust pizza with brie, parmesan, asparagus and mushrooms..I suggested we added on chilli peppers… it was so good!

Then we also had a fabulous Greek Salad.. mmmm feta and olives!  (yes, so much CHEESE… but so good…but SO MUCH CHEESE!) The second photo is of dessert… it was something Tara heard about on CBC radio. Apples cored then add nutella to core…wrap in pastry.. and bake.  OH so good…  I helped do the coring and filling with nutella part, Tara wrapped them up before the end of the night… 

Around 11:30 I was getting ready to head back to the hotel…when Tara looked out and saw that the light were out! So we got all bundled up–headed to the hotel to grab my tripod…and then back out to shoot the lights!  It was so cold, but at first I didn’t really notice… I managed to get about 2 awesome shots before my camera batteries ran out!

We took this last photo… before we headed inside.  I got back to the hotel at 1am–and we had been out shooting photos since just after midnight! I looked online and grabbed a screen shot of the current weather…no wonder I was cold…shocking!

Saturday morning I talked Tara into going back outside for a ‘quick’ walk… it was still cold low -30s with a colder wind chill factor!  But we did manage to walk around and take some photos of Kugluktuk in the daylight! You can see Tara’s photos HERE! I stayed at the Coppermine Inn a really nice homey place to stay… and AMAZING food!

These bundled up cuties were waiting for their dad to come back from inside the store…(yep–there was an adult that was driving on that sled!) If you look closely at the dog…even they get ‘frosty’ fur/hair!  

All covered in frost… But fun reflections in our sun glasses! Thanks Tara for the wonderful visit… and heading outside to take photos with me–even in the cold temps!

I had a great couple of days in Kugluktuk.  The people are so friendly…I met and had so many people, and had so many great converations..thanks for the wonderful visit.

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