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>St. Vital Park…

>I was looking through my photos today, and realized I never blogged this set from St. Vital Park.  It was one of my ‘photo’ nights with Ryan.  You can check out his images from that night HERE on his blog!  We went there October 7th…

This was taken inside a shed by the river…

 You can see the shed in the background of this photo….

 We walked along the river and were able to watch the sun set!

 Despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes (yes! STILL in OCTOBER!?) It was a nice way to finish off the night!

 Playing around with the light behind Ryan… I don’t think he was expecting this shot!

 During our photo shoots.. this is a familar sight… Ryan often stops to txt or email!!

It was refreshing to see these ‘fall’ shots.. as I think winter in the ‘peg has arrived to stay! 
Thank goodness I LOVE the snow!! 🙂 
Or it could be that I have a bunch of fantastic WINTER hats now that I can wear!?

>Winnipeg at Night…


I’m not even sure if I have any readers out there…besides my mum!?  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve sat and written a post… (well that might be a bit of a lie… I have noticed but have been so crazy that I just haven’t had the time to sit and blog!) Life since Thanksgiving has gotten busy, I finally feel like life is starting to settle down just a bit… (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there)… I have a BUNCH of photos and stories to share with you from my little ‘bloggin’ break’.. so over the next few days/weeks stay tuned for some fun posts! 
Last Friday night, November 5th… I had the opportunity to go and do some night-street photography.  It’s been awhile since I took my camera out and shot anything for fun…. I was a bit rusty at first… but fairly quickly I got warmed up and I had a blast…and I think I got some cool shots.  Without any further stories, or explanations I’ll give you my photos from that night! 
While I was living in Toronto, I took some photography courses…and the night time photography shoots were my favourite… back then I was shooting film, so didn’t get the instant statsification of looking at the shot immediately after taking it… but Friday night… let me say… I loved the fact I could INSTANTLY see what was wrong, or what ROCKED! 

 I had fun experimenting with my zoom…. and seeing the lights dance across the frame…

 The bridge at night…
 These lights were shooting up from the Forks… not sure what was going on there tonight! 

 Just a hint of something zooming by….

 Kind of like my life… it just keeps happening so fast…that I’m not even stopping enough to be present in the frame… that my friends is about to change!  It’s time to stop and actually be noted in the frame of my life…rather than just passing through and not being fully present.

Animal Lovin’…

>Three Weeks ago… I headed up to Birds Hill Park, with Ryan… I’ve been so darn busy with work.. that I just haven’t taken the time to edit some of the photos from that trip… (partly because there was a series of photos that I wanted to use for this weekend… and will be using them TOMORROW–so LOOK out for that!)…

I had never been to Birds Hill Park, the weather was a bit overcast…but we still headed out of Winnipeg, north of the perimeter… and decided to see what we could find.  It was our first time out taking photos since the beginning of the summer… It was a pretty darn FUN night, and everywhere we went we ran into random animals!!

The leaves were changing colours…seeing the leaves here in Manitoba weren’t quite the same as seeing them back home in Haliburton…but still pretty darn cool and better than seeing no leaves!

Moss on a gravestone….

Birch Trees always make me think of my grandparents cottage at “the Pointe” on Haliburton Lake. I asked Ryan to take some photos of me… (and he happily agreed…he’s such an amazing photographer…)

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

Sometimes a gal needs to just take some time.. and look UP!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

Happy, happy… FALL!!!! (I luv the colours… and the crunchiness of leaves…. although I have never enjoyed raking them..but I do enjoy JUMPING in a big old PILE of leaves!!!)

~ photo by Ryan Bealer ~

We were driving along… and we saw a car stopped.. and guess what there were DEER!!! (just like HOME in Haliburton… so I managed to GET out of the car.. and take a few shots… before they bolted… yes, I know that I probably did scare them away… but well I couldn’t NOT take a photo!!)

Deer are so cool….

Ryan LOVES dogs… and it seems like wherever he goes.. he finds a new friend!!!  That day was no different.  Since he didn’t know the dog’s name… he called him “White Socks” I think!?

There was a game of ‘fetch’ that happened… but apparently “white socks” wanted to just EAT the stick…

..and then a friendly game of tug of war!

Ryan trying to convince him to give up the stick!!

I made a new friend too… His name was “Billy”, the goat of course!….

 Billy was really friendly… or maybe he just really, really, really wanted OUT of his cage?

But only could manage to get his head out the fence…


…and then got all ‘camera-shy’!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

It was an awesome night… and I was so glad I was able to take photos again with you Ryan!! And thanks again for taking some of me…. (or maybe just responding to me pushing my camera in your hands.. and me vaguely saying.. “I’m going to do this, or that.. and you need to take it a shot of it…. ok?” Thanks for being an amazing friend and capturing images of me!

Tinker Town…


Tonight, Ryan and I headed to ‘Tinkertown’… what a fun kiddie carnival type place… it’s free to go in…but you pay for the rides etc… the colours were great.. and there was some ‘interesting’ stuff in there to shoot!!
A train goes around the ‘outside’ of the property… (if I was 4 I’d LOVE this place!!!)
There’s a GIANT lemon?! seriously… who doesn’t love a LEMON where you can get drinks from!?
But don’t forget the UPSIDE down ICE CREAM cone.. (where u can get ICE CREAM!?)…
Or the ‘crazy’ signs telling parents and kids what they CAN and CAN’T do!!!
The rides… yep I know it’s completely over-exposed..but I LOVE it!! 🙂
and then there was the ‘creepy’ clown.. who doesn’t love a ‘creepy’ clown!?
And I had to get my photo taken with ‘said’ creepy clown!! (thanks Ryan for taking this little gem!)
…and here’s a new self-portrait with a new wide angle lens I aquired this evening!! 😉
gotta luv those self-portraits.. well I do anyways!!

Well that’s the word on the street tonight… bags are packed… I’m ready to go… I think Milo is good too.. full tank of gas, topped up the bug spray juice and lots of oil!! 😉 Talk to you next from the road… I’m out of here!! 🙂

Brought to you by the letter M…

FOR mosquitoes..(or mozzie)..or pain in my FLESH! Can you see how many are on my legs? YIKES! I am also aware that this post has a crazy amount of photos…sometimes it’s just like that…

mosquitoes on my legs!

We ended up tonight at Kildonan Park.. pretty cool spot… next time I’m taking bug spray! We headed to a more ‘open’ area… to see what we could see, the sun was in a perfect spot.. to get some awesome shadow shots!

B&W of park

Why, HELLO shadow!! How are you today!?
shadow self-protrait

Moss, on a Tree.. just hanging out…. (I was still complaining about the Mozzies at this point!)

moss on a treeview of the park

So, I continued on with my ‘portrait’ session with Ryan from last week… I’m so excited… and am starting to seriously think about building my portfolio this summer, in order to start some sort of buisness…  Ryan was happy to be the model for me! I was pretty excited with the end result.  I hope Ryan you are also pleased!  (PS. there are a few that won’t make the blog but still are goodies! 😉
A close-up of Lucille…
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 7
A few nights ago, I had this brainstorm… to get a shot of Ryan through Lucille’s view finder.. and well it worked!!! So like this shot!!! (except for the sun glare… perhaps a bit of photo shopping can get that out?)
cool portrait
I’m not one to ‘promote’ habits…but I do luv this shot!!
cool protrait
Lucille with her other friend ‘Larry’ the light meter (trust me folks I didn’t name them!)
photographer's equipment
Strike a pose…
portrait with camera
Throw in a little silhouette action.. and it’s priceless!

The story behind this one is… Ryan kept moving bc of the mozzies on his legs… but I coudln’t get the shot in focus… But in the end it’s a kind of cool effect!

moving portrait

Sometimes photographers have to go to ALL lengths to get the shot… that means sometimes climbing a tree!
man climbing a tree

Ryan patiently waiting for me to pass up “Lucille”…

Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 15Getting that shot…

Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 16

I couldn’t decide between the following two images.. so decided to include both of them!
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 17
Got to luv the silhouette!!!
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 18
I luv Ryan’s face… it’s like.. are you SURE you can take Lucille without BREAKING her… LOL
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 19
So that’s it for my portraits… (there are a few more Ryan…and I’ll get that CD for you soon!)… I’ll leave you with two more images from the night… I’m so in love with these flowers…
And who doesn’t love a rose!!
pink rose
One more sleep, one more day at work and then I’m on vacation…I have some exciting plans tomorrow night… I can’t wait to post the photos from that adventure!!!
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