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When you go down to the Legislature tonight…

…you are in for a big SURPRISE! (apparently,  you have to beware of those ‘small’ pedestrians- they are crazy harmful, and don’t get me started on the bears…!)

Funny SIgn

I snuck up on these bears and took a few photos… and I don’t think they saw me… (but I didn’t run into any of those ‘small’ pedestrians…)
Bear StatuesThere were some pretty yellow flowers…..
Yellow FLower
Fairies must have dropped this feather on the lawn…
pink feather on grass
fountains and city scape
Introducing, “Lucille”…My friend Ryan got a Hasselblad…its a medium format, film camera… its a pretty awesome camera… I think I have camera envy…
Hassleblad camera
I’m doing some portraits for Ryan..with his new camera… here’s one from last Thursday night!
Ryan with his new camera
…and those are my pics from my Photo-Walk this week!

on the other side of the bridge…

…some more photos from yesterday’s photo night!  There were so many cool tress on this street…but also LOTS of mosquitoes and well LITTLE wind, and I had to pee… so didn’t linger long on the other other side of the bridge at all!


..the light was perfectly peeking through the leaves…and so cool to see tress leaning across the sidewalk, to create an awesome canopy over my head as I walked under it!
street with trees and nice light
Such a cool flower, this shot was taken facing the direct sunlight… (sun beam seemed to just highlight, and rest on the top of it!)
flower back lit
This was taken with the sun lighting it… (so other side!)…
Even though right now life might be a little rocky, ok it’s a crazy ball of stress…(which I don’t need to get into details, but if you know me and want to know..you know how to reach me!) The thing I so need reminding myself is how awesome and blessed my life truly is!  Case point: I have a cool friend that I meet once a week and take photos with, something I love doing… and he gets the quest of finding beautiful things to shoot! And he pushes me to get even better!!  So even though work might be crazy, and there is stress in my life… I have to hang onto the moments on the other side of the bridge…where the light is shining down on beautiful things, because there..I can find a moment of peace and happiness!

the BDI…

The BDI or the “Bridge Drive In“…is a landmark here in Winnipeg, for over 45 years, and the focus of my weekly photo night!  After work I had a horrible time moving south on Osbourne (it took me literally 20mins to crawl about 3blocks to get to my house; I could have walked it faster!  But I did observe some interesting things…I can’t believe how many grown-ups PICK their NOSES..while STUCK in traffic!?)
..I heard on the radio that Osbourne was backed up to Jubilee..(which is the street that the BDI is on–bad news for me..because sitting in traffic, doesn’t make me that happy of a camper) and because the Jubilee overpass at Pembina Hwy is closed for construction..(please don’t get me started on that in this city…. now that season is in full swing!) Ryan and I opted to have dinner FIRST in the Village and then head out to get to the bridge, and you know what? It was a PERFECT plan…
It was awesome to arrive, get parking..and enjoy the sun…and a breeze strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away (well for the most part!) I love these bridges…this has been closed off just for foot traffic, and bike traffic.  I love how the old metal looks against the sky—and the clouds floating in the background… just makes me happy…
metal bridgemetal bridge + cloudsmetal bridge
The Red River, watching tons of stuff fly by.. the current seems to be pretty strong!  The smell wasn’t so nice either…
red river from bridgebridge boltscrossing the bridge
I love reflections….
red river reflections
Random shot to show you, yes my feet were here!!
feet shot
Random birds, flying… makes me want to take off and join them…
birds in the sky
The Best part of the BDI is the ICE CREAM; this place has over 11 flavours of SOFT SERVE!! I went with a chocolate/vanilla twist, chocolate dipped coated in peanuts! Mmmmm so good…
mmmmm Ice Cream!
Another sucessful photo night, and if anyone wants to know… there are no washrooms around this area of town, so you might want to pee before you come… or well you might have to leave, and find a place to pee… and drive back for your ice cream!!

Photo Editing 101!

My friend Ryan asked me what would your ‘bubble’ photo look in B&W with high contrast added in…. I said I’m not sure how to do that.  So I sent him my photo taken from tonight. (photo below) 
Ryan went and played around with it in Photoshop and TURNED it into THIS!!
bubbles in puddles (B&w)
I like it… it’s different but awesome…Thanks Ryan!! 🙂

A Walk through a Park in T-town….

Tonight for my weekly photo night, I drove over to Transcona and met Ryan..and then we went for a walk through a couple of parks.. last week with all the rain, T-town got hit HARD!! (lots of flooding damage, and the park still had spots with a good few inches of standing water in it…)

Despite being in a funky mood…ask Ryan, he’d totally agree with that!  I think it has something to do with being exhausted, (sleep-or the lack of it for the last week), being busy at work-and tryin to keep it all together there, and well just being EXHAUSTED..Having a LIMITED battery for my camera, couldn’t find the 2nd one.. and the other was well ‘flashin’ the whole time I was out shooting–but still managed to get 75images!
Anyways… the night was not all crazy, it was acutally quite good… I got to swing on a swing, like a kid..going HIGH into the SKY…and well making myself feel sick, (apparently my motion sickness applies to swing- swinging!) other than feeling motion sick swinging well that ROCKED! and I took this amazing photo of my feet… I dig it!! (this was all done because I asked Ryan what he was doing—I took this photo.. then said… “it’s not working” we adjusted some settings on my cam.. and I took a few more.. BUT this one is my fav of the group! That’s the part of walking around with another photographer I like… you learn cool stuff… from them! Ryan also has a blog, “Exploring his World!” and has some AWESOME, AMAZING images.
feet and blurry colourful background
Here’s a shot of the water… crazy bubbles where in this ‘pond’…I’m not looking forward to the Mozzies that we are being promised from this ‘standing’ water…. YUCKY!
Here’s a blocked strom drain…even though the drains are being ‘overwhelmed’ with the amount of water…
sandle shot!
Random bit of playground equipment that is broken…
rusty screw

Tree bark… loved the colours and texture!
moss on tree

Random tree branch… picked it up.. and shot it against the sky… lots of clouds today, and there’s been scattered showers over the city all day… apparently a chance of a thunderstorm!
tree branch with cloudy backgrounds

So there’s my shots from my Tuesday night of shooting!!

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